View Full Version : British Censorship

22nd August 2013, 10:04
Umm Does people know about this?


Do you reckon if this censorship goes forward people from Britain will be able to use this forum anymore or websites alike? Do you reckon its the pushes of the light, trying to reduce the awakening?

I dont like censorship at all, i believe everyone has educational rights to all infomation. So save the world, sign the petition. It doesnt actually concern me personally but i had a weird dream about it and i thought i should tell people to dont let their information be controlled.

22nd August 2013, 11:21

I'm so tired of those criminals enforcing their spiritual, physical and mental slavery on us.

The people are waking up, don't let them ruin it now!

22nd August 2013, 12:45
what the hell !!!
maybe this is because they know people are waking up....