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22nd August 2013, 12:06
There are countless system of Meditation;

FIRST ORBIT is a version of the basic meditation technique (FOUR STAGES) practiced by the Taoist Sages of Ancient China. In this way they are said to have achieved longevity, enlightenment and spiritual immortality..

(There is/was an audio cassette (Stephen Russell 1986-1987 Polygram Music) that went with this version of the meditation, I'm trying to copy and make a small file size version. Also trying to contact original Artists to see if available from them at al!!))

Laying or sitting comfortably, clothing is lessened,
(turn on the type)..Can be done without type..
Eyes closed. Awareness settles in the space between and behind the eyes.
Relaxing and sinking into the body, one notices the breath.
The whole organism seems to expand and contract with the movement of breath.

Thoughts drift and mind rests in inner space.

An opening seems to appear in the very centre of the breast-bone.
The breath is seen to enter and exit through this opening.

The Heart Centre is awakened and precious nectar floods the body

An energy channel orbits the body, travelling up the spine, over the head, down through the front of the body, through the sexual region, and back into the spine.

Inhale--breath -energy rises in the rear up to the crown of the head.
Exhale--breath-energy falls through the front of the body. THE FIRST ORBIT!

As breath-energy orbits over and over, the Ocean-of-Life-and-Vitality can be seen deep in the lower abdomen.
Moonlight shines on the waves, Physical form appears to dissolve.
Awareness expands Beyond Limitations.

S E L F--F L O A T S --F R E E.

Enjoy, it really is simple and very powerful meditation,
it was one of the first that really expanded and released me...

22nd August 2013, 14:24
Hi Sunny;

I'm on the book and saw your post. Keep up the good work, just reading it, relaxed me enough to recognize what you talked about.

SOTW, "Season of the Witnesses" editing is coming along. I got a free program tip from Dennis and am testing out the formats and stuff, but after some getting to know it(similar to word and office, I'm doing fine and flowing with the tie-up/connection to book two EXO-Dust 2. The program if your interested is: libreoffice.org Iit's absolutely a gift to the world, and freedom from Gates pay me every time you download, or you can't use or edit your stuff. I bought the program in 2007 and the upgrades included google, which I don't deal with unless it's google sky.

Anyway, I'll let you know when the 1st book is finished and ready for Lulu.

Peace and joyful upcomings.
K.J. Avalonian/aka/Lifebringer