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23rd August 2013, 13:22
Hi, not sure if this is the right place to post, but i have just found an awesome deal on Amazon local.
http://local.amazon.co.uk/Birmingham-UK/B00EEG3WYC (http://http://local.amazon.co.uk/Birmingham-UK/B00EEG3WYC)

This is actually for my local area, Birmingham Uk, but i know Amazon is international and they may have the same deals near you.
Anyway its a course for hypnotherapy, and its only 39, instead of the usual price 599.
Its from home, done in your own time.
I have recently started meditating, and after reading through the course material i think this would benefit anyone who meditates or wants to.

usual amazon link :-

theres lots more on there too that might be useful to you xx

24th August 2013, 11:35
Hi CC, thanks for the info. Sounds like a good value. (The link didn't work for me, being in the U.S.) I'd be interested to hear if you decide to embark on that course. I worked with self-hypnosis early on, and found it very effective at the time.

Sounds True also has some good resources. They are an outstanding company with a mission to help dispense spiritual wisdom.
I searched under 'hypnotherapy' on the Sounds True website and came up with three products. Probably not in depth like the practitioner's course, but one that's a self-hypnosis course.


They have a fair amount of free content too.

778 neighbour of some guy
24th August 2013, 12:48

They have a fair amount of free content too.

I'll be damned, I was just in a bookstore to check out if they had the William Buhlman books, they could only be ordered in German or from the states, what I was interested in would cost me nearly 70 euro's, way too much and the dear lady behind the counter pointed out there was something like www.soundstrue and even showed me the site ( I can get it there with a discount), I thanked, walked of to shop for my groceries and forgot all about it already, this was 45 minutes ago.............and now I see the link I never heard of before for the second time today on the second place I visit, within the hour.........so....thanks for the reminder, bye bye coincidence, hello hello synchronicity.