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23rd August 2013, 16:22

Even if you’re not Edward Snowden, there are times when excising your social media presence is necessary. Companies usually don’t make it easy, though, often hiding the delete button inside myriad confusing menus and settings. Save some time and bookmark justdelete.me, a new page that collects direct links for killing various accounts dead and puts them all on one, easy-to-use page.

Justdelete.me is an excellent resource and evidently quite a bit of work went into it. For instance, for Facebook, the link goes directly to the delete button (no “deactivation” shenanigans here.) But not all accounts are as simple: Sometimes you’ve got to contact customer service, or, like Netflix, they’ll cancel your account but won’t delete your data. Even here justdelete.me excels, linking to the relevant help pages and contact forms.

Give Robb Lewis the good Netizen of the month award. Although most competent computer users could eventually find all these various methods to delete online accounts, it’s quite a bit faster (and less frustrating) when they’re all on one page. He even put the source for justdelete.me on Github too — so if he loses interest or the various social media companies change their policies, this killer idea can live on.

23rd August 2013, 17:07
Thanks toad!! Can use this and could have several more times in past, but better late than never, eh??

Good job!!

23rd August 2013, 17:49
Not a whole lot to add to that.
Very cool though, I've added it to my favorites list and I will seriously think about using it for my facebook account.;

I'm pretty much done with stalking all of my exgirlfriends by now anyway. :)
LOL, I kid I kid.
Or do I?