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24th August 2013, 18:17
Much concern has been written since NAFTA began about the out-sourcing of manufacturing from the US. This revival is a huge movement and deserves notice. I hope you have time to read the article - good pics - big community. I had to post this since good news is usually overlooked and hard to find.


This is an inspiring post from techhive about the enormous art projects in Oakland CA that involve reclaiming materials, recycling, teaching smithy skills and so much more. Snippet:

..."Making it national

On a much larger scale, Prado says that Oakland Makers came together to represent the city's maker community on a national level.

In May, Oakland Makers held a launch event that included a panel discussion featuring Dale Dougherty of Maker Media and Chris Anderson, former Wired editor and author of Makers: The New Industrial Revolution. This October, the Oakland maker scene hopes to make a bigger splash on the national level when the city will host the second annual Urban Manufacturing Alliance Conference.

Meanwhile, Hiroko is working to advance an educational program that she hopes will become a model for other states to follow as they introduce making into their public school systems. "