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25th August 2013, 19:01

25th August 2013, 21:46
Thanks HenryBowen - I really enjoyed your attitude towards religion and hearing what you get out of your practice.

I have a lot of friends who are of the "spiritual but not religious" persuasion, or participate in what one might call "unorganized religion" (rituals from Wicca, Reiki, etc.) who don't really understand those of us who participate in organized religion. They see it as a form of social control and brain washing - there may be some truth to that but the same charge has been leveled against "the new age religion" and just about any other school of thought.

Of course there are people trying to manipulate our religions, and the reason they try, is because there really is something powerful and valid about these rituals we practice! When you go to a house of worship where many have worshiped there for years, when you perform a ritual that has been performed for hundreds or thousands of years all over the globe, you do connect with a very real and powerful presence. Call it God, angels, spiritual entities or the Holy Spirit, it is unmistakable once you experience it.

Where power is being generated, there are individuals who show up, hoping to divert it for there own selfish purposes. Of course we find people in the church who are trying to redirect this spiritual energy, and to rob, financial and energetically, those of us who show up.

But I think the big news is that they are less and less successful. We are opening up the windows and shining the light into the dark corners, finding the filth and cleaning house. We are understanding that our different rituals are not just about the rituals & symbols, dogmas and beliefs, or the names of our deities, saints and prophets, but its about something that is universal and transcends our particular faith that we practice, something that will bring peace and healing throughout the whole universe.

So when you are done basking in the energy of the Holy Spirit in your church next time, please open up the windows so the rest of us can share in that energy.