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26th August 2013, 02:11
David Wilcock: The Synchronicity Key | Pt. 1 of the Full Video!



I have a lot of gratitude for David and his "work" ... If you do not like David please do not view this video or comment...thank you!

I am posting this for those that do have respect and gratitude for David's work....

And for the record...David is not the first to understand how the cycles work...Gregg Braden beat David to the punch a couple of years ago with "Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate"

Here is a link to my interview with Gregg about that...


Much love to us all!!! :hug:

26th August 2013, 02:13
I am actually watching this right now..lol i have the user in my subscribed section on youtube...lol

25 minutes in right now awesome... :cool: :wizard:

26th August 2013, 02:25
I am 31 minutes into it hehehehe...

26th August 2013, 02:28
eek your 2 minutes behind me, darn bathroom brakes .... :p

26th August 2013, 12:38
Thanks Kimberly for posting David Wilcock's most recent video. I just finished listening to it. David always speaks with great clarity. I enjoyed the video very much. I look forward to receiving my book in the mail. It seems to take a little longer to get to me here in Ottawa, Canada. I purchased Synchronicity Key in June, and am very eager to read it.

26th August 2013, 15:29
I forgot to post the link to the write up that goes along with this video...


27th August 2013, 00:11
From the presentation. Ha!

http://i1.wp.com/therundownlive.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/national_security_agency_the_nsa_the_only_part_of_ government_that_actually_listens__2013-06-21.jpg?zoom=1.5&resize=350%2C336