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27th August 2013, 16:43
I saw the first public viewing of the F-17 Stealth Fighter, and they had been built it, 25 years prior to that. I 've been reading about the Arora for 10 years and have now seen one flying. yep. However, I was lucky enough to see it, only because of these videos.

The first just shows some people talking about and videoing a strange cloud formation. The second was some guys on a boat that saw it, but was unable to "catch it" on camera. The guy just stepped in the pilot house to get his camera, and it was already gone!!


This onehas comments disabled, but in the original, they talked about it being to fast catch it on camera.

This one has it also, and also has an interesting shot of something starting at area 51, and continuing across the country, atlantic, and headed for Russia, China, at over 8,000 miles/hour!! Can you say circle the globe, in a little over 3 hours?!!


Took my dog out for a walk and there was a contrail that looked just like it going from N.W. - S.E.. All the way across a clear blue sky. Looked across to the SE, and WOW, there it was and forming a new trail, back in my direction. I took out a cigarette, but before lighting it, I thought about how fast it was sposed to be, so looked back to check, and it had already covered half the distance back to me. I watched, and it shot over head so fast, that if I had taken the couple of seconds to light that cigarette, I would have missed it. I do believe the guy in the vid was right, when he said 8,000 miles per hour. And the contrail it leaves, is absolutely massive. If I had not seen the plane, I would not believe a plane had done it. It was wedge shaped, just like the images' they show of it, and about half the size of the airliners I see go over everyday. Even if it was too high and too quick, it sure was cool. chuckle chuckle.

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heres the one with the people talkin about the wierd cloud.


27th August 2013, 16:54

and you still had the DL link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA0n2bEnaN8) in your clipboard...

27th August 2013, 17:40

and you still had the DL link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VA0n2bEnaN8) in your clipboard...

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27th August 2013, 17:55
This is the shape I saw. It shows again at 1:26. It was too high, 30-40,000 feet. Looked higher than airliners fly, and way too fast see anything more than shape. From the bottom.


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Making 2 massive contrails.

27th August 2013, 22:28