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Ernie Nemeth
28th August 2013, 20:59
Recent events both in my personal life and here on the forum have been the inspiration for this poem (Chinaski in particular). If it does not belong in this section please place wherever, thanks.
edit: I see there is a bit of a crisis with the lightworkers in general. Probably the motivation for this post. Our warriors are back from their first foray (for some). Their understandings will change but they will be fortified. No one is in this alone. Even if we did not directly volunteer, we are lending support, have no doubt about that.

Mind Games

We test our foe at every chance
We come in waves in our advance.

From every side we poke and probe
It’s hind brain and frontal lobe

From ethereal to the aural
Through dogma and chakra’s spiral

From ancient lore and days of yore
To future times and data cores.

We seek the truth to our presence
‘neath our pseudo acquiescence.

‘fore the mortal coils we entwine
Was there a time we were divine?

And who has bent the dart of fate,
Shackled us to this forlorn state?

Though we fight our foe is hidden
Within our minds, its home unbidden.

Somewhere inside the path is there
Awaiting the brave, the meek, who dare

Question the answers given as rote,
Slay the dragon that must be smote.

We bleed our blood, a crimson flood
Of lives lived toiling in the mud.

Yet is there more to life than this?
A lover’s kiss or the Sufi’s bliss?

Is there purpose to our musings
Or are we merely puppets using

Strings that begin and end in us,
Or both the bow and Stradivarius?

We test our foe at every turn
Until the final act we learn

We need do nothing, just sit still.
We are safe, the universe will

Unfold as it should in due course.
That is the divine will of Source.

We are many, we are one.
We’ll not let up until we’ve won!

Once all our fears have come undone
We’ll at last know the truth has come!

I don't know why but this song goes with it.


29th August 2013, 00:33
Beautiful, thank you.