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29th August 2013, 00:31
Hi everyone. For years I have been exploring consciousness and growing. But as of the past few years I have increasingly wanting to make a proper contribution to the world I am a part of.

The problem is I can't get specific with what is I am trying to do (maybe not being able to see the endpoint) and so everytime I do start moving, I am moving in random directions in a sense.

I have listen and watching many personal development/goals audios and videos online and the big one that keeps coming up is clarity of purpose and clarity of vision.

I believe that my answer could lie in questions as these have the ability to get my mind focused on whatever the question is about leading to an answer that is very helpful to whatever the question is about.

I thought maybe there could be members here that maybe able to help. What I am looking for is a way of defining my purpose with such chrystal clarity that it becomes clear what I am meant to be doing at any one time so I can focus my attention on that and have a better chance of fulfilling my purpose.

So if you have been in this position before or came across questions, tips or exercises please help by posting them here.

Thanks, Tim.

I'll leave you with one great video that really made me take purpose as seriously as I do.

29th August 2013, 00:34
It is always that for which you have the most passion - the still, small voice in your heart is whispering to you right now.

Can you hear it?

29th August 2013, 00:40

I'd say that in the case of one such as you, just being alive is actually a substantial service.

Your best guidance is inside - moment to moment.

Often its best just to work with the specific kind of light available to you in the moment, rather than wishing for this or that quality of light to be more prevalent.

Even if you were to formulate a winning strategy and plan, if it was too detailed and not really flexible you would have to keep changing it.

Things change all the time.

What you are is a light and your service is constant no matter what happens.

29th August 2013, 00:56
My understanding is that people who make a real difference are normally operating very strongly from their intuition, which is what gives their passion its energy. In our culture and civilization, development of the intuition has been strongly repressed. Learning how to bring it in and make it strong is certainly not something that can be done in a day or a week or a month. You might like to take a look at the following recent post, and at the post of mine directly after and also before:


Around half the posts throughout most of the thread are about intuition in some way, or about the very closely related topic of the Higher Mind or “Higher Self” or “soul”.

29th August 2013, 01:15

Crazy Louie
29th August 2013, 02:07
someone who makes their living with photos takes a 1000 photos to get the one good one. if you simply empty yourself of yourself and your desires to make a difference you have already acheived something good. when you are in class with your hand up straining and saying pick me pick me pick - often you are ignored.

if your to be selected for making a difference in your world - relax - you won't even be able to run away from it when the time comes - but also accept the fact that maybe your life's greatness will come from doing small things that matter only to those on a small scale - remember the mary and martha story - both things are good. beware of your own ego which wants your submission to god to be grand and cosmic leading you to a cross when perhaps all he wants from you is to tie snotty little nosed kids shoe laces and pat their head. - my opinion is that it's the ego at work desiring the crystal clarity thing - ask yourself who am I that god would give me crystal clarity? (its a rhetorical question). i.e. many are called few are chosen. in all honesty all your learning will eventually lead you to god's door
where you will be knocking -- and you should not be surprised if he does not open the door immediately. I wish you well.

29th August 2013, 02:12
I am probably the same as you TR, but what I do is at least a few times a day do something random and nice that isn't expected and to help others where required, simple things, open doors, carry heavy items etc, something that makes someone else smile and hopefully even if only for a second makes them think that things aren't so bad, or just appreciate the kindness. Who knows it may even get played forwards?

29th August 2013, 02:22

29th August 2013, 02:48
There is no hell greater than the hell of success - The Way of Tao Vol. 2 (http://www.scribd.com/doc/89488844/The-Way-of-Tao-Volume-2)

turiya :cool:

29th August 2013, 03:14
For what it is worth, we have all incarnated here on Earth at this point in our time to "HELP" - so selflessly helping in one field or another is all of our true purposes.

Help is a very general open term too. That I like. So there you go, hope that helps fill in a gap for you.


29th August 2013, 21:07
I go to the grocery store. I walk inside. I get a cart use and when I turn around, there is someone waiting behind me, so I give them mine and get another. You can't believe how something so simple will brighten their face. Just be nice to people wherever you go and become a lightworker to brighten their day a bit.