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Crazy Louie
30th August 2013, 19:43
People get depressed.
People get treated with medications.
Some people respond at first,
some people stay depressed.
I wonder if meds don't help
because they are based in the psychophysiology
of man and do nothing for the soul.
Yes the medication can and does
do something for the psychophysiology of the mind.
But often it would seem
only to the extent of the individuals
belief of how much the body and mind
are the sum total of life.
The soul is left out of the equation of treatment
even if a person believes in the soul.
Science has left it out of the equation and thus the meds
no matter how powerful towards the body and mind
have no effect on the loneliness and sorrow of the soul
because the mind and body are of the physical
and the soul is of the spiritual.
A man made product composed of physical properties
cannot treat a spiritual entity created from spiritual ether.

So a person might have the reality in the physical realm
of being depressed - a feeling of sorrow - a feeling that life
is not right for them.
Even if they are not spiritual or even if they
are spiritual but spiritual in the wrong direction.
They suffer and know not why.
Intellectually they can articulate very wonderfully how they feel.
While others not so gifted don't even have that.

( A game of tetherball is no fun if the tetherball is not tethered)

Here on this bottom line the conclusion is more easily stated
Soul Sickness.
Regardless of what the mind and intellect believe
about depression it does not change the condition of the soul if the soul is
responding as it was created to respond regarding lie.
The soul has empathy for things the body and mind have no
clue about way beyond the intellectual biopsychosocial physical drama.

The soul is sick not from things that we now assign to the mind and body
but from empathy to the spiritual disconnection we live from our creator.
And is this condition to be thought of as something to run from and discover cure for?
Or is it something to be embraced for the truth that it yields from another
realm we intellectually have no clue of.

Few to understand this,
what more in life does a
fat maggot on a sunny day
nourishing on decay
than to be that
fat maggot on a sunny day
nourishing on decay.

Prodigal Son
30th August 2013, 20:05
This is why I will never take any psych drugs, and will never go to see a psychological therapist.

They can do nothing for me.

The soul needs to be nurtured from birth. If it is not, there will be pain that no shrink can cure.

People may think they feel better from psychotropic drugs but oftentimes it is just masking something deeper.

That's why I go to see psychic healers and soul retrievers. I know what my problem is... and mainstream therapy ignores it.

3rd September 2013, 20:05
Thank you for posting. I'm confident that we can all relate to this as we all suffer from the same condition: we have forgotten who we truly are. This is the source of all depression, of all disconnection, of all disjointedness.

While I understand what the original post is getting across, I think the term "Soul sickness" is somewhat misleading. The soul has not forgotten it's connection to Spirit, or better said, to God. We, the temporary physical manifestation of our Soul, have.

The only remedy is to reclaim our relationship to that part of us that has not forgotten it's connection to God: our True Self. There are many ways of doing this. Some people find solace and use in spiritual healers and psychics, but fundamentally no one can make you remember who you truly are. That would be too easy. The work - the spiritual growth - must come from you. There are helpers along the way, but we all must work towards this end.

Many spiritual practices have been gifted to humanity. They are at the root of all revealed religions. They work in different ways and are meant for different types of people, but at their core they all do the same thing: reconnect you with our own Inner Source.

3rd September 2013, 20:42
Beautifully expressed, Owl. Yes, it is a condition- a dis-ease- that cannot be directly treated in this limited realm of bodily senses. However, the ailment can be mitigated by creating an environment that is soothing and less stressful. Negative thought patterns can also influence mood to a large degree and influence the soul's suffering on this plane. We can become more aware of conditions that our deep, intangible aspect "self"- finds restorative, magical, liberating and inspiring.
I believe soul sickness is part of this dimension unless we can truly and completely break free of ...what..? the body? this life? this dimension? this universe? multiverse? Perhaps until we break free of all Fear.
Many say without Fear, there is Love.. and this state is beyond time/space/ and is a state and experience of Bliss.
Not needing, not wanting
Pretty sure soul sickness would not exist!

3rd September 2013, 21:38
i think the so called "depression" is an result of deep knowledge, but living and experiencing pretty much the opposite.

and to speak for myself, feeling alienated and seeking for a bigger picture about this weird planet can lead to serious depressions, but if you listen to yourself and you take the time to watch for signs arround you / stay positive there is a way and as i belive we ourselfes planed that path allready before we started this life :)

ritalin and other psychdrugs do exact the opposite, this stuff disconnects you from your real source and you become a robotic-beeing controlled by sidekicks your goverment throws at you.

Crazy Louie
4th September 2013, 09:04
I had posted this for this read to clarify - then it was lost in the hack smack - so I repost it - although since days have passed - it's redundant - lol

Date: Sat Aug 31 03:50:38 2013
Poster: OWL
Thread Title: Re: Is it depression or is it spiritual empathy to the true state of man?

Perhaps I am an oddity - for I believe we were never meant to live like we live with an ego in our lives. When I wrote spiritual empathy I meant the soul itself on some level feels the pain of the world even if we do not mentally by way of ego give it much thought. This concept of ego I speak of should be known by its proper name in my thoughts " a taste of hell" - what seperation of god feels like. The ego basically is not afraid of hell after all the ego will still exist in some form and thats all the ego is concerned with. So that's my meaning.

The mind was sent to be a helper to the soul - but what ever satan represents - what ever the original sin involved I think it had something to do with the mind (ego) attempting to reverse the role - still going on today - will continue to go on until god sets it straight - Do any of us have a clue what the soul is? What its purpose is? We wade through dogma that tells us nothing - the holy spirit trys to show us bits of the soul but the ego is a champion chess player.
I am here to spill my thoughts I have - to see if I connect with some - to see if anyone else is seeing this place like I am - or if this is what is intended with a person finally only embracing god to talk and walk with. As Kierkegaard once wrote along the lines of - "even if theres only a vague chance that the whole god thing might be real - shouldn't the days of worship each week be changed around - six for worship and one day for work?"

Another mans knowledge is good if it helps me learn or leads me as so many have - in the right direction - but we are all on our own personal road to salvation - I don't think we get a spokesperson when we are judged - and by judged I mean the taste flavor and quality of our soul and did we begin to separate ourselves from the personality of ego. Approval is highly overated. I don't see a god who operates on handing out approval or having his agenda changed by petitioning him with prayer. "ask if you believe but in your ego words I cannot be deceived."

We might really love everyone -- but at the same time - We all cause each other to stumble in every direction on our path. So many that think they got all their bases covered - when from my perspective everyone is just living in different dreams. If people are saying they are awake who are they saying it to? Why tell others who might well be in the shared dream of the person who is dreaming they woke up?

How can a person know if its just not more ego dimension lie stuff - some people can certainly take words and buff them up and polish them and even make money
off them because they just sound sweet - but beyond the psychobabble or philosophical babble or even the theosophy babblebabble that has led us this far into this esoteric rabbit hole where's the beef? Even I know enough to understand I can not tell myself I am awake nor would it behoove my soul to let another man tell me I am awake - the only one who knows is god and he will tell me when I need to know till then I can only live in hope and not kid myself about whats at stake. As HE said - They Know Not What They Do.

Addendum: 9/4/13
I think the spiritual sub forum is way different than the rest of the site. So many have or are trying to let go and forget about worldly things. Some of you understand this thought fully - for us its like sin to post - the ego mocks us.

We try to respond to news and predictions and the variety of other supposed coming events - but for us its a waste of time. Perhaps the spirit has not induced us to walk on water - but it has introduced us to "be in the world but not of it." So I have realized I am being a phony - when I respond with intellect - an intellect that by way of seeking has nourished itself well. With useless calories. Mans' FAT.

The ego will tell me "well you must share - perhaps it will help someone." But --
Its like snow flakes falling to the ground and all are voicing where they are going to land and what they will do. In a weeks time (arbitrary time period) they have all melted and even the memory of each voice is gone. However, there is some merit to think - they are part of a great flood six hundred miles away although that thought was not part of any voice in the falling flakes didacted diatribe. They did not plan on being part of the water that killed little tiny wonderful puppies two states away.

So we all have something to say - but are we saying it to others or are we saying it to ourselves because we need to hear it - we need to see it - feel it - and if we can pass it on - does our ego breathe a sigh of relief? How can it be that there is so much wisdom floating around and yet we write it out - and then having purged we are ready with more wisdom to unload in a rather quick time period. Plus contemplating all the other wisdom shared that is at times has flabbergasting merit.

I have a lot to say - but I am a snowflake - flake for short. Sometimes a flake might say to another flake on the way down - "Don't you forget about me." and the other flake promises - and means it. But in a week - lol - no more flake magestical promise left. Just some dead puppies and we all know dead puppies aren't much fun.

Everything is coming to a grinding halt - Should we be on our knees in ceaseless prayer or should we all be laughing and high fiving at Bubba's Fat Boys Beach Club?
My thought being - is the destination of the soul to be compared with making it to the post office 30 seconds before the door guy -- locks the door.


I am happy there are other flakes to share the fall with.

4th September 2013, 20:17
The soul has empathy for things the body and mind have no
clue about way beyond the intellectual biopsychosocial physical drama.

I would posit that the soul has empathy for the approx. 150 000 000 000 earthlings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDdlDYWG7no) slaughtered each year for human consumption, the act of which perpetuates the spiritual disconnect of which depression is just one of the inevitable by-products.