View Full Version : Foremost, and most important, I just wanted to express what a beautiful world we exist in

2nd September 2013, 06:37
I often may get involved in posts from time to time and discuss some negative aspects about people and events around the world, however in spite of it being at times unloving acts occurring, I adore
the opportunity to exist on such an insane world.:crazy:

If I had to exist on this planet for eternity, than I would complain a whole lot more, but I see it as just temporary.

Like two sides of a coin, light and darkness here appear to be quite balanced.
I've come to accept that this is by design and the world is functioning the way that Source intended it.

Therefore, at times if I make light of a nasty political situation in the world, please note that it is not done out of contempt, I am just acknowledging that
it is part of how our creator has made things to occur.

I believe we really don't conceive too much, more just perceive, which means as a soul, in most ways are just along for the ride.

So from time to time, you will see me dropping post here containing good news

Love you all.



2nd September 2013, 10:03
More power to you Vitalux