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2nd September 2013, 09:59
Truman Show
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i'm watching Truman Show right now as i type and have to say WOW...the planet earth is nothing but Truman Show and we need to be Truman get out of paradigm.

is there any truth about the moon being satellite to keep us under control?

2nd September 2013, 11:54
It is very possible. Our moon is not a natural object. And scientifically/mathematically doesnt even belong cradled next to our earth. The size of the moon is not proportioned to the earth like other moons that orbit their planets. Earths moon is freakishly immense to say the least.

The Moon was towed here on the back of an asteroid, and originated from Chowta. "Alex Collier"

Alex Collier Speaks About The Moon:
We're going to talk about the moon, and we're going to focus on the far side that we don't see. As I said in other lectures, the moon originally came from Ursa Minor and is 6.2 billion years old. It was one of four moons around the 17th planet of the system referred to in the Orion tongue as "Chowta". It was an outpost for members of the Orion Group and was at one time, according to the Andromedans, inhabited by as many as 5 million military members from the Orion Group.

The moon was purposely put into the tail of a planetary asteroid, which brought it across the galaxy to our solar system, more than 11,000 years ago. The origin of the moon was not from the earth, which is the theory that is taught in schools. The moon is older than the earth. This same asteroid which dragged the moon here circles our galaxy every 25,156 earth years. The moon has been inhabited periodically in its history for 1.8 million years. Now it's being inhabited again, and many of the original structures on the surface were destroyed during the Black League wars, which was a battle fought by humans against the Orion Empire.

More here: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/andromeda/esp_andromedacom_7b.htm

2nd September 2013, 12:49
If the moon were not a self propeled starship, under intelligent control, it could not maitain its retrograde orgbit and would fall to earth, but it doesn't. It just sits there in its perfectly circular orbit, which also is impossible. And due to its size, gravitational forces, should pull the moon and earth together, but again, it doesn't. It just sits there. As if intelligently controled.

2nd September 2013, 18:52
the moon is an anchor, keeping earth a place that sentient life can exsist ... just as the solar anchor keeps the sun stable ... our moon was around mars, but earth was a more suitable planet for rebuilding the lyrian homeworld that was lost 289,000 years ago ... mind control comes from all these dang towers broadcasting non stop throught cellphones , TV , bluetooth, computers , all electronics ... a subtile background program that influences our thinking and emotions ... giving me headaches today ...

3rd September 2013, 01:06
haha yes apokolypse this movie the Truman show got me so excited I made a thread about it too!!

hehe a lot of interesting analogies in this movie...I look to the horizon on the ocean and wonder can I bang my head into the end of the skywall??

3rd September 2013, 01:41
some moon facts that illustrate that the MOON IS IMPOSSIBLE...as any form of a natural occurrence or natural entity.

The Earth and Moon move together around the Sun every 365.25 days, with the Moon revolving around the Earth every 27.32 days— called the "sidereal" month. Is there any connection between these dual circular motions?

Stunningly, the reciprocals of the Earth's and Moon's orbits correspond exactly:

1/27.32 = 0.0366, and

1/366 = 0.002732

Another way to say this is that, while

The Moon's orbit around the earth takes 27.32 days

At the same time,

The Earth's orbit around the Sun takes 10000/27.32 days

In a leap year. While you're on this number, notice that:

The diameter of the Moon measures 0.273 Earth diameters

Notice also that

The acceleration of the Moon in its path around the Earth is 0.273 cm/s²


=== Maybe the Moon Bought the Stadium Naming Rights ===

The number for absolute zero is not arbitrary. It is based on the Celsius temperature scale, which is based upon the freezing and boiling points of water.

Absolute zero is ?273.2° C, the point at which all motion stops .... and,

Gasses expand by 1/273 of their volume with every degree on this scale.


Also notice that:

A human fetus spends exactly 273 days—10 sidereal months—inside the womb

The mean for female menstrual cycles is regarded to be 27.3 days. Why should the female cycle be so closely connected to the moon's orbit? Speculation used to be fairly mainstream that the moon somehow influenced the reproductive cycle, but the current scientific consensus is that this relationship of

Moon orbit x10 = 273 = Human Gestation

It is perfectly circular in orbit - a natural object should not be perfectly circular in orbit, it should be a sling shot pattern or an ellipse. Incidentally, as mentioned previously, Phobos and Deimos, two small satellite moons of Mars, are the only other two perfectly circulating orbiting objects in the solar system - coincidence?

The Moon just happens to cover the Sun’s disc completely during solar eclipses? This in itself is a remarkable coincidence for our Moon is of just the right size and just the right distance from Earth to obscure the Sun’s disc at certain times and movements. The coincidence of this alone is regarded by some as beyond chance.

It has a precise size ratio of 11:3, which is a very interesting combination as this is precisely the size ratio needed to complete the squaring the circle diagram. Yet, if we look at the mass of the Earth to the Moon it is 81:1, which means that it is far lighter than its quarter volume size should be. This again ties up with the idea that it is hollow. One would expect a more reasonable figure of volume to include a higher fraction for the Moon. Interestingly, 81= 9 x 9 and also there are 81 naturally occurring elements in the periodic table. This is because two, Technetium and Promethium, No 43 and No 61, are radioactive and transmute to other elements in a small number of days after they are produced. So the number 81 is a very interesting number and that it should be found in the ratio of mass from Earth to Moon is correspondingly an extreme coincidence.

Next we come to the Moon’s rotation, which is exactly synchronised so that we only ever see one side of it from Earth. This in itself, again, is a bizarre coincidence. Also that there are 13 moon cycles to a year and therefore our natural calendar should contain 13 months of 28 days with one day over, which would be considered an aboriginal calendar, and one that is in harmony with the Earth and the Moon. Yet for reasons of control from authority we are forced to have a 12-month year, which makes our biological systems not work so smoothly. This may or may not be deliberate as a control mechanism? But in the end one has to be sceptical and assume that this was in fact a deliberate attempt to throw humanity off balance, for harmonic aboriginal people are quite hard to control, because they are in tune with their environment and therefore do not respond to fear based control mechanisms that are used.

The surface of the Moon is completely different on the far side to the side that faces us and really it should be the same. If it has had equal bombardment from meteorites over the course of its history then both sides of the Moon should be equally cratered. This in itself is a tremendous anomaly and caused great consternation when the first pictures of the far side of the Moon, which was then called the dark side. But of course the Moon’s day is two weeks long and both sides are bathed in light so the far side is a better and more accurate description. It may have given risen to Gary Larsen’s Far Side cartoon strip for as a name the far side is a complete farce and does not match up with the near side of the Moon, so much so as to be hilarious!

The next fact is the fact that the Moon bulges and yet this anomalous bulge is away from the Earth on the far side of the Moon and not on the near side as one would expect with the constant gravitational pull of the Earth. Therefore we have to assume that this bulge did not occur whilst the Moon was in orbit for, had it geologically settled, then the bulge would have been towards the Earth.

The surface of the Moon has an unusually large proportion of Titanium, something in the order of 10%. This in itself is completely bizarre as Titanium should be found within and combined with the rocks beneath. It is such a high percentage that it is considered worth economically to mine.

No crater is more than 4 miles deep even though the diameter of some may be as much as 70 miles across. From elementary science we know that the larger the object that hits a surface, the bigger the crater. This is a simple classroom experiment. Yet, here we see with the Moon, that the large craters are no deeper than the relatively small craters - again an anomaly.

The rocks on the surface have widely ranging ages from 4 billion years to 20 billion years yet, as we know, the universe is only thought to be 15 billion years old. This caused NASA so much trouble that they labelled the door of the rock analysis laboratory ‘The Looney Bin’ because of the confusion that was found with similar rocks next door to each other on the surface of the Moon having such widely ranging ages.

The surface of the Moon can be observed to be dusty on the videos from NASA, yet dust cannot exist in a vacuum, as it only forms with air. It should therefore be less dusty.

The lunar sidereal month is 27.3 days, which matches the acceleration of the Moon of 27.3 centimetres per second per second - again, a total coincidence. The Moon’s radius is 0.273 times that of the Earth’s radius - another bizarre coincidence - or is it? The coldest temperature in the universe -273 Degrees Celsius and the average gestation period for a human being 273 days - need I say more!

The combined radii of Earth, 3,960 miles, and the Moon, 1,080, miles equals 5,040 miles, which is exactly 1 times 2 times 3 times 4 times 5 times 6 times 7 or 7 times 8 times 9 times 10, which equals 5,040! Incidentally, for good measure, 8 times 9 times 10 times 11 equals 7,920, which is the number of miles diameter of the Earth. Plato considered 5,040 to be the perfect number for the population of Atlantis and used it in his various musings about geometry as a key number - again another interesting coincidence.

Finally, the Earth/Moon ratio of 11:3 gives the answer to the geometric conundrum of ancient times known as squaring the circle. This, again, is far beyond coincidence. We will see how squaring the circle is integral to not only our physical bodies and the ratio of our satellite to its moon, but also in the profound impact on consciousness with humanity to do with sacred architecture from Stonehenge to Chartres Cathedral.

but wait...there's more...

8th September 2013, 18:32
Just to support the truman show on earth:
http://tribecafilm.com/future-of-film/future-of-the-movie-theater-is-in-your-mind just tell me what you think after a while.

To support the artificial Moon- it also sounds as a hollow object scientist say... not to mention how it circles around Earth with only one side towards us at all times.
According to one of my favorite books, other ancient inhabited planets in other galaxies that have had moons had discovered them to be their main source of weather and personal upheaval and after listening to their elders have destroyed them (excuse my grammar mistakes but past-past-perfect is not my strength ;) ) . After that they have discovered a new era of peace and development without wars and weather anomalies. (after so many words I want to say that I agree- the Moon is put there with a hidden purpose)

12th September 2013, 03:39
Star Trek Into Darkness

Multi Link:http://www.solarmovie.so/watch-star-trek-into-darkness-2013-1.html

just finished Star Trek and the beginning of the film really interest me most with Interference Law where no.1 rule is you cannot interfere preemptive species but you can study and explore. if this the case then how come we have been hearing races like Nordics-Retilians or any other unknown aliens come to earth and interference human civilization on planet earth?

still an interference even if Cabal agree or have talked with those aliens but still 99% of human on planet earth are presumptive and unaware what's out there. only if non-interference is when whole species of human on planet have these advance technology able to travel outer space. we all know Cabal/Controllers have secret space program and hide so called Star Trek technology but in general on the surface human race still primitive in technology especially Spirituality.

i believe non-inference only applied to Dark Cabal/Controllers/Secret Government(call what ever you want)...these Dark Cabal/Controllers/Secret Government which i call 1% ones are not part of human civilization when there's 2 different worlds.

i have heard some races are very negative towards us human because the way we lived and the situation on planet earth, only thing i ask is have these aliens going through these situation like what human on planet going through right now? Humans suffering from amnesia and insomnia....

i have hear stories about races like procyon who are very understanding and wanted to see us get thought that's because they have been in this situation before and they have went thought these crap/bull**** what we are in right now unlike other race who consider as pest.

i wonder how many times benevolent have help us 99% human get though hard time...

12th September 2013, 03:59
How does one try and make sense out of a illusion :der: