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1st April 2010, 17:21
There is a new article writen by Cliff in his website. I must say that I quite agree with his perspective

It appears that TPTB will change their end times scenarion from 2012 to forward date and hence there is no much need to form a ground crew. Life will continue and the push for the different factions to gain "control" of the population. Now that control is what has been occupying my own research for a while and why I posted the thread of the wingmakers which is worth considering

I agree with Cliff that a portion of Earth population will reach class 1 status and move some where else. In my research I have found out that probability as very real. And I agree too that we can not make people see what may happen in the future if they don't want to see it

Normal people don't like those that rock the boat, the ones that pierce their little bubbles of fear....

Cliff is such a wise man, one of the few that have the courage to correct his predictions and keep his integrity intact

Here is the article http://www.halfpasthuman.com/woowoodo.html


1st April 2010, 17:38
The good part is that at that point you finally also get it that you cannot tell people into enlightenment, and you stop trying.

I like that :)

Actually I like everything he says there

A power structure exists here on terra that is controlled by a very few individuals. Neither the systems within the power structure, nor the few people who control give a ratís ass about you or your family or friends.
That's what I've tried telling people but they think I'm mad :happy:

1st April 2010, 18:06
Cliff has done a very nice summarization of the facts, which I totally agree with.

That is why I am on this forum, to be in the company of other woo woo's! :happy:

love & light :wub:

1st April 2010, 18:12
I like that :)
That's what I've tried telling people but they think I'm mad :happy:

You are not alone Swanny, people think I am mad too :crazy:

I took a red pill too many;)


THE eXchanger
1st April 2010, 18:24

1st April 2010, 18:47
Red and black pills :happy:

1st April 2010, 20:31
I read it also and agree with everything he says. I started another thread, on a topic related to this as not to hijack this thread:

Is the Ground Crew Dead or Do We Need A New Mission Statement?

Please post your opinions and feedback.


1st April 2010, 20:36
Nah , red and yellow ....... rhubarb and custard !

1st April 2010, 20:44
rhubarb and custard! that sound rather tempting


1st April 2010, 20:51
ah, rhubarb and custard - brings back memories of childhood penny sweets. I expect now they'll have aspartme in them! :laugh::rolleyes:

1st April 2010, 20:58
Hi Gita

Well I have been lately buying only from the local healthy food shop, mainly because I am gluten intolerant and all the sweets seem to have wheat. They have great sweets made of nuts and dried fruits


1st April 2010, 21:36
That they do Stardust but have you seen the fat content! :eek: They are nice though.

2nd April 2010, 13:03
I found this in my travels, it is a link to a video called Matrix Metaphor2 by ErickericksonyD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF2azYX25fM for some reason the embeded code is disabled....

I think it sums it all quite neatly