View Full Version : LG Ultra HD Meteor Impact Prank

4th September 2013, 13:48
It's funny, but I find the choice of prank very telling:


Star Mariner
4th September 2013, 14:20
I shouldn't have smiled, but I did. So cruel!

4th September 2013, 16:28
That was evil :flame:
Impressive trick but shouldn't play it pep's

I wonder how it's effected them now, they really look like they were living through their end of days lol

Ernie Nemeth
4th September 2013, 17:10
That was sick. I feel like taking back my LG TV after that one, the pigs.

4th September 2013, 17:17
Telling concept... yep! Funny? hillariously, chuckle chuckle.

Cruel? yep, that also. cc.

Thing I find about it most funny, is the fact that I would be on the floor with themm...cccc

4th September 2013, 17:28
Bad acting the 'victim' was in on it.

5th September 2013, 03:22
new source, OP, please replace video


Laughed my ass off, very nasty. Cruel as all get out. Not funny. Rotten trick.

The worst was the guy who set up his girl with the film trick, something about the film 'the ring' (i don't watch such movies). You can hear her scream .... There is a certain sound that real panic makes, that is difficult to fake. You know it when you hear it. That one I did not appreciate.


Nick Matkin
5th September 2013, 06:56
A genuine prank or were the interviewees actors too?

Not sure even an LG Ultra HDTV will give a 3-d picture that looks like the view from a window...

Nice try though. (I'm sure Google will come up with the goods on this advert.)