View Full Version : Default Fear less: Anthem for the new age (video)

5th September 2013, 18:56
Hey family. I just produced this song and video. I hope you guys like it.

Ernie Nemeth
5th September 2013, 20:15
Nice rap.

I am really impressed with the youth in this world. They have no respect, and that is the first step to taking action. The problem is that no respect can spill out into other areas where respect is well deserved.

I feel for the youth, at least I had a normal, almost nostalgic childhood the young today never knew. Their innocence has been ravaged well before its time. Curse the dark side for their corruption of our youth!

On the other side, thank God they are ruthless - it will take all we got to root them out. But since they won't stop, neither will we. We are many, they are few. They stand no chance at all. Again thank God they have no forethought. It will be their undoing...

5th September 2013, 21:21
I don't usually listen to rap because it rarely presents a worthy message, on the other hand, this video rocked and I will have to share this on Facebook. Great work!

5th September 2013, 21:44
Way to go TruthSeekah :-)

Sared it on my FB and dedicated it my Great Nephew who is a rapper too!! Love it!!

6th September 2013, 13:12
Thanks guys. Entertainment is a very powerful tool. I think this world could use a little light.