View Full Version : 9/11: Omen or Simple Coincidence: Falling Star/Meteorite/UFO over SE Washinton State, I-82/Hwy 12

12th September 2013, 07:16
Tonight around 10:30pm (9/11/2013) I was in an eastbound vehicle traveling through south-eastern Washington State. The car was near the junction of I-82/Hwy 12, as I recall, somewhere near Tri-Cities.

The other occupant of the vehicle commented on the apparent darkness of the sky in the region, and as I looked up through the windshield toward the stars, I saw a fast-moving object flying across the sky on a S/SE trajectory. It looked small and was moving extremely fast. It crossed a considerable section of the sky in a couple of seconds, split into two pieces, and vanished.

It was a bright white light, very small but quite clear. The object seemed to disintegrate and fizzle out, or disappear.

Earlier that evening I had seen three helicopters: one looked like a forest service craft carrying an orange water bucket (LOL huge!) on a tow line. It was over the mountains. Later on, in the military reserve near Yakima, I saw two black helicopters with instruments extending from the side of the nose and red lights coming from underneath.

These craft were all witnessed by my co-occupant and so was the falling object.

People who believe in omens might find it strange that people here saw a falling star (meteorite?) on 9/11 and it split into two halves. I don't know what this could mean -- a divided state, civil war, or an emergency on the way? Or simply nothing more than space debris falling to earth and burning up?

Or was something shot down @-@ lol

Anyhow I think this was one of the stranger days I've had.
How about you guys?

12th September 2013, 17:34
We are having visitors , the arks are here , just in case we destroy the world , the experiment called earth will continue , just not on earth anymore ... you will see many more anomalies ... things that shouldn't be here ... things that should be here will be gone, phasing in and out of our reality ...