View Full Version : New Gestapo Police Tactics?? How can this be legal?

13th September 2013, 18:30
A friend of mine just posted this on Facebook:

"So today in my little town, the Neptune City police and the NJ DMV mobile inspection unit team spent the better half of the day removing inspection stickers and ticketing the people of our town. Fail the onsite inspection and loose your sticker, no matter what your initial authentic sticker says. Looks like a click it or ticket stop until you see the NJDMV emissions truck... I was made aware of this early and traveled another route, but I just got to say, what a scam. Ill say it again, I hate this state...."

How can that be legal? You get your sticker and you're supposed to be good until the sticker expires. Now they've got checkpoints set up with automatic inspection stations and if your car fails, they remove your sticker and give you a ticket??? That sounds like racketeering to me.

Has anyone else experienced this?

13th September 2013, 18:40
That's messed up, how could one tell if the mobile station is not set up to fail every five cars or what not..

13th September 2013, 18:57
I am not surprised but legal is what they say is legal. The corporate enforcers are enforcing their corporate statutes, which are just words written on paper given the power of law through the consent of the governed. It is time the governed recognize that they are not governed, we are not slaves and any attempt to enforce their statutes on us should be considered as terrorism. To paraphrase Max Igan we all should be living in Sui Generis, we are all unique expressions of creation and we should challenge their jurisdiction over us. Problem is for every one of us there are 99 that just go along with the tyranny.
That being said, come on down south a few miles to Forked River NJ and just try to get through town without being intimidated. My sister in law got pulled over last night in my vehicle for a broken tail light. Taken out of the car given a sobriety test, humiliated and detained for over an hour. Sister in law doesn't drink. All lights in perfect working order. Just another example of the sheep being fleeced right before winter and left in the pasture to freeze......

13th September 2013, 19:45
Sounds Like You guys need a recall vote like Colorado the whole US needs one. wouldn't that be great?

The Axman

13th September 2013, 20:23
This is a job for Chris Christy. He's the governor, and only he can correct it. It isn't right to pay for an inspection, have a time limit, then have it snatched away at a "DMV CHECK POINT?! Huh? WT hay? Write him, explain it and then tell him you think it's a racket, and perhaps like when I wrote Lautenberg, he'll come down on them for the city scam.
He may not know about it, and as a conservative, he's bound to look into voters being shammed to pay for inspections, and then have to face this when they aren't expired.

What a racket.

13th September 2013, 22:20
Well....at least on a positive note, it gets those cars which are unsafe off the road.

I knew this crazy redneck once and he had a car and his rear break line broke.
He never bothered to get it fixed he just used his front breaks to stop him.
But his luck ran out, when he ran over his mother and broke both her legs and made a cripple out of her. :sorry:

Whenever anyone tries to mention it to him, he tries to down play the breaks from being the main cause of is moms disability.
He tries to pass it off as, he was too darn drunk to remember where the break peddle was in the first place. :pout:

13th September 2013, 23:12
Check the motor vehicle inspection laws, see if it is written into it that suprise road inspections are part of the safety inspection system. Most state motor vehicle laws allow an officer to pull you over for equipment violations that are evident, not inspections. Otherwise why would they have inspection stations with qualified mechanics? Research the law and if there is a discreprancy contact your state rep to report it and demand rectification. Tell them if they want more money to stop sending your state national guard to fight the neocons war. IMHO