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16th September 2013, 18:18
This article appeared today in some Brazilian forums.
If confirmed, explains the decline of the Obama administration against Russian initiative.


By Baby Siqueira Abram.

The United States attacked Syria on September 3 , but Russia prevented the missiles reached Damascus. It was there that he began to checkmate the Obama administration and the neoconservative warmongers who control

Were exactly 10h16 am on Tuesday, September 3 , when the radar station in Armavir , Russia , detected " two objects ballistic " flying toward the Mediterranean Sea . ( http://br.reuters.com/article/worldNews/idBRSPE98202420130903 ) did not take long for the Ministry of Defense of Israel first denied , but then assume you have tested missiles used as targets for anti-missile system funded by the United States . It was just a military exercise without major consequences : the missiles fell in the Mediterranean and everything was so even .

The matter would remain so terminated, if the journalist Daoud Rammal , the Lebanese newspaper As- Safir , had not aired a story that is so important , it was republished by another Lebanese newspaper , Al - Manar . Rammal revealed that a well- informed diplomatic source told the true story of the launch of two missiles on the morning of September 3 .

According to this source , they left a NATO military base located in Spain and were detected immediately by the Russian radar , covering a vast area , from Europe to Iran This was the first movement of military attack from the United States to Syria , one war that had been started in the morning of September 3 if not there was a " stone " - or rather , an effective missile defense system - along the way : that of Russia .

The Russian defense system intercepted two American missiles , preventing reached Damascus , the Syrian capital . One exploded in the air and the other was diverted to the sea. The explanation given by Israel was no more than a smokescreen to protect your greatest ally , the United States - which , according to the diplomat , asked the favor to the Israeli authorities .

That morning , the Russian defense minister gave a public statement omitting two key points : where the missile had come from and where they were going. This omission had two goals , said the head of the Russian intelligence fellow American in a notice for a moment after the attack against Syria have been released - and intercepted . " Damascus is Attacking attack Moscow," the Russian official said . " We omit the truth in our official statement to preserve relations between our country and the United States and to avoid war . Therefore , you must now reconsider its policies , approaches and intentions regarding the Syrian crisis , and you can be certain that they can not eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean . "

That was when the U.S. government asked that Israel blamed the launching of rockets - and literally lost ground. Obama was right that it bore Bashar al - Assad , President of Syria , and intended to go to the G20 , in Russia , Vladimir Putin to negotiate with the fate of Assad . Instead , he was forced to seek the support of the nations present at the meeting to attack Syria , when in fact , knew that was not the bookstore checkmate Russian. Aware of the episode in the Mediterranean , the Allies ever denied help to the United States , and the British Parliament stood against David Cameron alliance - Barack Obama to intervene militarily in Syria .

The Russian strategy caused utter confusion in the U.S. government , who did not know what to do . Without international support and defense systems preventing Russian missiles reached Syria , the United States would enter a war lost in advance . But if they did not enter , would have shaken his image with the fulfillment of the promise to declare war on Syria for exceeding the "red line " represented by a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian government did not make and that today is the target of doubts about whether it really happened in the proportions in which the United States claims that happened .

Again Russia , this time accompanied by Syria , has mobilized to get the U.S. government limbo. The proposed placement of Syrian chemical arsenal under international control for subsequent destruction was the gong that Obama saved the canvas. But , of course , did not prevent the knockout . So the president of the United States lowered the tone , sent John Kerry to the negotiating table with Russian Sergey Lavrov and tried to calm fears of congressmen who wanted to vote in favor of war against Syria .

Now remains to be decided what to do with countries that insist on continuing arming thousands of terrorist mercenaries fighting the Syrian people and will not accept , of a sudden , loss of employment . It also remains to be decided how to resume chemical weapons that were delivered to them and are a potential risk to the world . Especially lack convince the Zionists of Israel and the United States that the warmongering leads nowhere . As shown Pepe Escobar in his article yesterday in Asia Times Online http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/MID-04-130913.html (in Portuguese , http://goo.gl/KQc0bt ) , while Zionists and their allies frighten the world to take by force the wealth of the Middle East , China will megazona weaving a free trade in the ancient silk route rich in oil and gas , with partners such as Russia and Iran No firing a single shot .

In time, Vladimir Putin , President of Russia , is chess master , and considered one of the brightest .

Baby Siqueira Abram
Brazilian journalist - Middle East correspondent
Brazil de Fato - Carta Maior

Source: http://www.brasildefato.com.br/node/25916