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17th September 2013, 20:28
If you have lost your illusions there is not much you have lost ..

If you can laugh freely at all that you are

If you can free yourself of the illusion that anything or anyone particularly can solve the Case,

whatever case it was ..

When you loose faith in MSM, MMS, GMS, GMO, GOD, UNO, NNA, and Secret Cabal

there is not much you have lost .

When you start trusting your freedom rather than power of chains

you know, if you can be in peace at the same time

there is no one to dictate your laws .

When you loose fear of your Freedom

then you are free ..


17th September 2013, 21:21
Well said, I was having similar musings today...although mine depends on this belief:

Freedom (where you have it above) to me, as defined by our programming today = rights + possessions

rights are just abstract concepts, which the institutions you mention manipulate and twist for their use
possessions own you

We are conditioned/programmed to be emotionally attached these two...so that they have become the way most define "life". Let go of your attachments to these, and you can be free...

18th September 2013, 14:03
Being free is to concentrate on being good, being good in actions, being good in intent.
Free is empowering your mental and spiritual projections of goodness, Light and Love.
All and everything else are chains.

If we all had those ways of being there would be no chains atal!

So Goodness, Love and Light to all :)