View Full Version : It seems some are concernened about October

3rd October 2010, 04:57

From the video I've posted, it seems something might be happening around the 10th of Oct. No offense, but we know those posted dates usually yield nada.

Very interesting. because webot has prophesied a universal feeling all over the world around ~ 10-13-10, where everyone is in a similar mindset, due to a possible event... which has changed the world.

Check it out! Please and get back to me.

I know so many people think the GFL is a hoax, but their web cast was warning, ( as far as water and survival needs go. ) I see they have altered their uplifting messages on the most recent information to something a bit more cautious and warning.


sorry, I take in everything, and I look for subtle changes in programming.
This was different.