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3rd October 2010, 05:56
The movie "The Fourth Kind" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vVRHOhLP-aA) has finally hit cable TV's schedule.

Wifely Unit and I watched it yesterday, first time. This evening, after dinner I fell asleep, and wife watched it again.

Caution: Do not fall asleep while watching this thing.
The cross-bleed between what you dream, and what your silly brain hears coming from the TV can be a bit oogly.

T'weren't purdy, Herman.

3rd October 2010, 13:34
Well, it was at least an exciting enough movie that it kept you awake.

Not. :p

Sleeping with noises, recognizable (humanly decodable) ones, is a form of hypnotic suggestion.

Dolores says that (watched one of her net videos) that when people in the 'awake' state are connected to EEG type measurement devices..and noted, electronically, to be awake..and then placed in front of 'the tube' (television)..and the Television being tied to the mental awake state of the individual for the TV to remain active... the desire and physical act of falling out of the conscious state is so strong..that the longest anyone was capable of keeping the television on was 60 seconds. Meaning, the persons in the study had to remain 'aware and awake' to continue watching TV, and simply could not. Best achieved was 60 seconds.

TV bad.

The humanly decodable thing takes one to the idea that in order to achieve mental clarity through mediation and mind training, that one must NOT ever listen to any music that has human voice or human singing in it that is an any way, even slightly, recognizable by the given individual doing the listening.

Oddly enough, I've been listening to ambient music since I was 13. I very much prefer it for that very reason. I avoid programming on the subliminal side by the music I am listening to and I avoid having a loop (earworm) created in my mind/ego. If I did not do that, I'd find it very difficult to get my ego function or inner voice silenced, and I'd NEVER* get my mind clear.

*(I use NEVER, instead of saying 'increased difficulty' ,as it is nigh impossible, and I do not want to give the ego in people 'wiggle room' to continue fooling the self by subconsciously having the ego think for them that "well, he can't be talking about me, as I CAN defeat the ego and still listen to the music I love, which is full of human voice". That would be internally created ego rubbish on the part of the person thinking it.)