View Full Version : Spencer's Home Depot Marriage Proposal

18th September 2013, 15:33
Please, I wish no debates about homosexuality or individual taste in social moral fabric.
This is simply a beautiful moment of the creative expression of love, on a huge organizational level.

I post this absolutely wonderful video of a marriage proposal here as a reflection of just how much love each and every human-being has to offer. :kiss:

I know it is an old video, but I don't think it has ever made it to the front lines of Avalon.

When you look into the eyes of all the people involved in this video, including the two star crossed lovers, one can not help but feel a tear well up in ones eyes and also feel the love.

I would advise those with sensitive hearts to keep a box of Kleenex on stand-by for watching this video will shed some tears of happiness. :nod:


18th September 2013, 15:56

Have you considered having a "Good News" thread? I think it would be a wonderful idea and very uplifting for the forum.

From the Heart,

18th September 2013, 16:16
What a lovely thing to do! Thx for posting :)