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23rd September 2013, 17:20
Howdy Folks - CANCER in a Bottle?

I just got done looking at the Forum doing a search for BisPhenol-A, the substance in things like SodaPop bottles (hardened thin plastic bottles able to withstand the pressures).

Nasty stuff - many of the posts talked about how this substance BisPhenol-A is really harmful. It is especially harmful when sunlight reaches it, or it is heated.

Summarizing - non-industry funded scientific studies show us how dangerous the chemical truly is, and industry and government studies say na don't worry about it.


"BPA is a common chemical used primarily in the production of plastics, such as baby bottles, canned goods (lining the inside of cans), soda bottles, and other common plastic goods that typically hold food or beverages (although it is found in countless other polycarbonate plastic products, including medical devices). It helps preserve the life of perishable goods, but comes at a dangerous cost to human health."

It's pretty easy to do studies on the net..


Breast thickening, males having abnormalities.. reproductive issues, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and liver enzymes.

I looked at this BPA issue as I found a post on the Forum mentioning the practice of folks in Africa doing what they feel is UV water sterilization using plastic pop or beverage or plastic water bottles being exposed to bright sunlight for long periods of time.

Researching the UV present (UV-B) plus the plastics to me equals a dangerous combination. BPA is released into the water.

I suppose one could even venture to say, that practice could a contributing cause of those types of diseases.

I won't let my plastic bottles holding anything be exposed to sunlight.

To me the substances inside will be corrupted from the light, and the plastic bottles will leech in their plastics into the substance inside. Plastic degrades under sunlight. BPA isn't something I want to ingest.

That is my heads up observation for today.


PS: to find the BPA links on Avalon move to the upper right of the browser, and in the search box enter:
"BisPhenol A"

click on the magnifying glass icon.

As of today, 23 Sept. 2013 the search found 32 posts

Breast Cancer link:
http://www.breastcancer.org/risk/factors/plastic - keep your water shielded in metal or glass.