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24th September 2013, 20:24
Love ---- (truth) ---- Fear

As anchor mentions, I can't stomach the love and light thing, unless it is always growing forth from you and your exuding this forming ad becoming. Because no matter where you are future has to go somewhere. if you're thinking of the past you're basically living it. because according to time there is a present.. so if youre operating in Now from No time theres notime likenow . and so if youre exuding this from your very being.. then well yeah, i'd don't mind Love & Light. but just saying it, and projecting for a moment doesnt make it to Be So.. or maybe i'm getting in your way?
I feel, that vibrations that lead you to glide or tumble is a huge part in raising your vibration, and getting it to stay where or go up. plays a huge part in the way stuff spirals toward you .. or from. but to say all is absolute love and that there is nothing else is contradicting to the fact that there is most usually an other side. before i may have continued in the other direction, would that mean not following truth? or would it mean one following a truth or because lack of thought about its meaning means it ceases to exist,,? for one.
or is it three and the three is one, and that's why?
after i disbelieved the things someone said was his truth, I fell pretty hard and discovered i was on a rather fluffy could, rather atmospheric could too. (But a totally organic one) also in rather scary domain.... Now i just live ~in on of a~ world. and you know what.. i wish i knew more about the things they place infrontof usto consume our Time an d keep us q?uiet. Like, i forgot how topaintonce, a few times, ..well a while there. but i know nothing i've ever seen searching from a screen will be known in any technology, unless technology knows us. like organic technoology, and i don't even know what i'mrefering to here but like a data storage system a really high one that we run plant essence through and we operate through Universe, to Sun & anywhere for anything else ov with some Crystals , or something. like it.
when it goes through my filters .. it can become unreal, or of course simotaniously it becomes a truth to fathom

time time, time time time
time time time noww

I wish that you'd considering or not anything thati've written , write something to maybe express how you feel or thought this topic would come out or may have be like, like, we'll each have our own in the space ..you know?

No comment on anyone else's except through how it may have changed your own persepctive ..or not.go

If spectrum were here he'd say, `strange dasies, which is what swim says to someone who is
when someone who's now reads aloud from those exegreyareas. non spiraling has no use for Profound.

24th September 2013, 22:51
I'm going to be honest: I'm not sure I understood all of that. Was it translated from another language? Is it a part of a book? Can you explain what it means?

Having said that, I think the topic of love and fear is entirely appropriate to discuss. There are so many varying opinions in the "alternative spiritual community" on this subject. To encourage discussion, I would like to share my perspective, which is a New Message perspective.

"Fear serves only one beneficial purpose and that is to alert you to the presence of danger. This kind of fear is part of your natural makeup. It is there to protect your well-being and to give you an awareness of those elements in your natural environment, the physical world, that could threaten this well-being. Yet most of the fear that plagues people is the product of their imagination. It is something that they create for themselves. It is not grounded in reality. Though you can see evidence of terrible things in your physical reality, the fears that drive people are largely the product of their imagination. These are purely destructive fears.

"Love is the emanation of Knowledge within you, Knowledge being your spiritual reality and intelligence. But even the manifestations of love may not always seem to be kind, gentle or reassuring, for love sometimes must challenge you. Love sometimes must correct you, and love sometimes must redirect your actions. People have a very romantic view of love, but this is not really what love is. If you could see that the Creator is being loving by alerting you to the realities of the Intervention and by attempting to prepare you for your future in the Greater Community, you would see this expression of love very clearly. Then you would not have a conflict regarding love and fear. You would see the fear that disables you, the fear that weakens you, the fear that tells you that you are pathetic and cannot really establish a position of power and responsibility in the world. Love brings out fear. It reveals fear. It transforms fear."

-- from Love and Fear (http://www.newmessage.org/love-and-fear)