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I did quite a bit of reading about theosophy and found quite a bit of it resonated with me.

I am a little concerned that Alice Bailey, although having left the theosophy society, set up the Lucis Trust, is linked to this teaching by claiming to have been channeled by the same Tibetan entity as Blavatsky.

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H.P.Blavatsky... and Theosophy... was the reason for my "Quest", to achieve Astral Projection, and 24/7s Communion with my High Self/Source... which I did achieve.. and so can anyone... of understanding. yep!:wizard:

Prodigal Son
27th September 2013, 13:06
Thank you for this!

I love Blavatsky, I have read her works extensively... everything Divine must be corrupted and infiltrated, whether it be Freemasonry, the Illuminati or Scientology. Everything that can help mankind to liberate himself must be hijacked by the Parasites That Be.

Channelers are not always sure exactly who they are channeling. "By their fruits you will recognize them." If you want to find the corruption link between Blavatsky and Alice Bailey, take a long hard look at Annie Besant.

27th September 2013, 14:43
See www.word-foundation.org and the four free e-books on the site by Harold Percival.

Thank you addsub. This was a new resource for me. I've downloaded all four books. Now for some more time to read them.

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Here is a link to a pdf copy of Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism written by Valentin Tomberg. It is not a traditional book on using the Tarot for divination, but rather using it as a personal effort into understanding the spiritual life of humanity.

Tomberg came along a bit latter than Rudolf Steiner but was intimately involved with the Anthroposophical Society under the direction of Marie Steiner until sometime around 1933 when the first chapter of "Anthroposophic Meditation of the Old Testament" appeared and Tomberg's fate with the Anthroposophcal Society was sealed.

I'm finding his works to be of great interest but they require slow, careful reading, and most often, more than one reading.

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For those interested in exploring further, here is a link to my favorite site.

The Theosophical Society of Pasadena, offers a vertual treasure trove, of free online liturature on Theosophy.



Here is their home page:


The Theosophical Society at Chennai, India, was founded by Anne Besant (Blavatsky's successor, who was HP's close friend and confidant prior to HP's death) and CW Leadbeter, both of whom did more harm than good to Theosophy, by imbracing both Hinduism and political activism, both of which HP Blavatsky hated with a passion. Plus it is my belief, that Anne Besant, is the reason that volumes 3 and 4 of Blavatsky's work,

were never made public. :wizard::wizard::wizard:

Another site for those so interested in even more free online literature, of an ancient nature, is my "other" favorite site, with over 1900 old books!! ENJOY:


And you may scroll down the left collum to Theosophy, and find more, including; "Theosophy", by Rudolf Steiner. The very best "quick" read of Theosophy produced by anyone, that you can read before tackling "The Secret Doctrines". ccc.:wizard:

Do not waste your time with CW Leadbeater. (just my oppinion, oh ya and J. Krishnamurti, who said Leadbeater was an "Evil" man. ccc)

27th September 2013, 23:16
I don't presume to judge the Theosophical Movement either in the past or in the present, but for the sake of clarity and discussion, I felt obliged to share Osho's perspective on the movement. Here's what he had to say about it:

The founder of the Theosophical movement, Madame Blavatsky, was found guilty of strange kinds of things; you cannot call them crimes, you can simply call them fraud. She had a servant named Damodar. While she was traveling by train she would be in first class and Damodar would be in third class. Suddenly Damodar would fall flat on the floor of the compartment, unconscious, foaming.

Naturally, the train was stopped, people gathered and then Madame Blavatsky would come and do some abracadabra. Damodar would immediately open his eyes and everybody would see “what a tremendously spiritual powerful woman…” And nobody knew that he was her servant and that was his only job. Finally in a court case Damodar was forced to admit that he had played a part in many kinds of frauds.

Beautiful letters still exist, that were written by Blavatsky herself. She made a special ceiling… Her followers would sit in Adyar, Madras, with closed eyes in the dark night — no light because divine masters don’t want to be seen. Damodar was hiding and would slip a letter from the ceiling. A light would be brought in… the letter was coming from Master K.H. Those are beautiful letters; they are collected and published. There was no need… the letters themselves are significant, but this way they became very mystical.

Now the followers were not just reading letters written by human hands, but by a great master who is the guide of all those who are in search of the ultimate truth.

I have been in the place in Adyar from where those letters have been dropped, and strange is the gullibility of human beings…. The writing is clearly human, the paper is material, the ink is material, and looked at closely, anybody could have figured that it is the writing of Blavatsky herself and nobody else. But when you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don’t listen to any rationality, your own reason … it feels good to believe.

Blavatsky created one of the greatest esoteric schools in the world, the Theosophical movement. And the reasons people believed in that movement were all neither rational nor mystical, nor based on spiritual experience. In a certain way they were cunning, fraudulent, but very sufficing, very satisfying, very gratifying.

Source – Osho Book “Om Shantih Shantih Shantih”

28th September 2013, 04:36
I don't like Lucis Trust but I was taken aback when I realized Hitler had stolen and twisted Blavatsky's teachings about the 5th race

8th April 2014, 02:25
See www.thewordfoundation.org (http://www.thewordfoundation.org/) and the four free e-books on the site by Harold Percival.
Having just read a few words of Percival's Introduction to his Thinking and Destiny (pdf) (http://thewordfoundation.org/PDF/T%26D_14th_ver01.pdf), I suspect that the dichotomy of physical body versus eternal doer self is a bit simplified. Rather I imagine not essentially just two, but rather multiple layers of self-organizing structure. Some of the layers, while not simply physical, are not necessarily eternal either, such as the complex of one's various talents and interests.

However from his statement that "The real purpose of life is that each one of us will be progressively conscious in ever higher degrees in being conscious," I suspect I should read further, for this statement of purpose seems to reflect, in its phrase "higher degrees", the same thing that I call "multiple layers".