View Full Version : Dance to the beat; sing with the tune

27th September 2013, 17:32
Few weeks back there was a thread about dancing.
Sorry I can't remember the title

This thread reminds me how I use to stand on top of desk or table and sing when I was in grade school. This would draw some boos and laughter from the class. I have a really bad voice then, we"re simply having fun. I also remember how the urge come along to move the body to the beat whenever I hear a good beat. So I thought why not?

I bought a small music player, a coke in can player which I always carry and play where ever I go. The links provided show what I do basically.



To me there is only one reason for every action by every being. And that is to feel good or better or say.. have joy. So I might as well have fun while working or in whatever I do.
I am posting this to remind others that we are suppose to have fun.

So let's dance to the beat and sing with the tune. Really feels good. make my day everyday.