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29th September 2013, 21:11
Hi all,
Was wondering how to upload copyrighted music to a video legally for posting on Youtube. Currently working on another montage and like some of Ennio Morricone's music. I noticed on some channels they make a video and have legal songs with their creation. Can I purchase the song through Amazon and than be able to upload it with the video? Thanks for any help provided.

Freed Fox
29th September 2013, 21:27
I'm not completely positive, but if you expressly state in the video's description that you do not own the rights to the song being used, it should be okay. At the very least, you shouldn't face any legal reprecussions, and at worst the video might be removed or have the audio disabled (have seen that happen). Going a step further to include who does own the rights (typically record companies) in the description would probably be most ideal.

As I said, I've occasionally seen videos removed or appear with the audio disabled due to usage of copyrighted material. However, since you won't be profiting from that material by using it as accompanyment to a YT video, you shouldn't be facing any letigious risks in so doing.

29th September 2013, 22:05
Their is fair use within copyright law that relates to non profit material that is for educational purposes although the law is a bit ambiguous, but you should be alright. Its is quite likely Ennio Morricone will be happy that you are putting his music out there but like Freed Fox has stated you should probably put his name up. Often when the you-tube bots analyse your video they will identify the music within the video and they will then sometimes if they have a deal with that particular artist put a link to itunes on your video so people can go and buy that particular song.

29th September 2013, 22:14
What usually happens on youtube regarding copyright material is that when they notify the holders of the copyright that you have uploaded and used their material, they give them the option of placing ads in front of and during the playing of your video, and paying royalties to the holder out of the advertising revenue.

If you use other people's stuff, expect to have your video smothered in all kinds of distracting ads.

But of course, if the copyright holder chooses to, they can have your video blocked instead, and youtube may decide to close your channel too.

29th September 2013, 23:23
Thanks all...your advice plus after watching a few videos on the subject its still seems a bit of grey area, but did find out a couple things and perhaps royalty free music is the easiest alternative and the other is to ask permission from the source. That could be difficult as it might be the record label producer, song writer or artist. I think there's a website that can help track song information down though.

30th September 2013, 15:49
I have a YT account and used to make videos and upload them to YT. I would put a song on my videos. (I used Windows Video Maker to make the videos.) But I stopped making videos in frustration because YT was constantly removing my videos or taking the music off of them due to "copyright infringement" even though I had given the credit to the band that made the songs and I wasn't using the videos to make money off them. So, you can try to post your videos on YT and might get by with it. It happens sometimes. Just wanted to warn you that YT is pretty strict about this.