View Full Version : Manhattan bikers psy-op

1st October 2013, 12:38

Has worked wonderfully....

first, everyone is scared, and righteously indignant. Car drivers talking about packs of rebel bikers. bikers talking about irrational "cagers"...completely polarised.

Had me thinking, if either the bikers were the rabid animals, OR the car driver was on a vendetta (with wife and child aboard), there's be multiple dead bikers, or the driver would have more than superficial injuries (they stomp people dead for looking the wrong way these days around here, and that's the teenagers)...

Then recall that Thursday/Friday media "discussion" was that 10% (IIRC) of people feel that they should be armed while driving, as they are fearful of road rage.


Bikie laws under proposal, which when you really get to the crux is just another thin end of a wedge to get people used to "sensible" ideas, that only need to be expanded inchwise to cover what they really want...


Extending to "fortress laws" for bikie gangs, where they can remove reinforcement, blockwork, doors, etc, for them


Whole thing stinks of yet another way to get a whole bunch of new restrictions "justifiably" brought in to start process rolling....

Helmet cam at the start, showing them mobbing, and the bloke checkbraking and getting hit...how did that get to the media, when it was one of the bikers. The stationary mob, with the SUV running over a bunch...wasn't a media camera crew...footageof the chase, and no identified perps....who handed in the video ?

1st October 2013, 15:37
i heard this today too, its exactly what i thought. growing up my step father was a biker in a club. they're people too. :noidea:

6th October 2013, 00:04

6 "off duty" cops were involved.

Helmet cam leaked straight to the media...

9th October 2013, 18:10
How are we suppose to know the good bikers from the bad ones? Some of these bikers didn't even have current licenses and fit the outlaw image.