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9th October 2013, 19:18
Making the best of a negative!
In the all too possible event that our internet connection goes by-by and we can't meet up here to converse anymore :(
We don't know what overall survival conditions we might be facing, which might well be our individual personal quest for the first days/weeks/months etc!

Well what I am throwing into to our collective think tank here is an exercise for us all to practice when we are in the wilderness twiddling our thumbs.

Can those with the most skill and practice in telepathy/spiritual/astral/OBE's etc try come up with an all new or tried and tested exercise for all to do in the way of improving our telepathy so that maybe in the new conditions we might meet up telepathically.

A joint, regular every day practice for us all to try. Some cleaver focus point.

Some new concept/practice to move forwards with?
A combination maybe?
A sudden reversion to simpler none technology ways of life again might just be what we as a species might need.

So maybe we can plan ahead and workout some new practice to focus on.

Sorry this not a very well worded posting, I sort of feeling tired and in a bit of a rush atmo!
But I hope you can catch my drift!

9th October 2013, 20:11
hey sunny, you are awesome to mention this. i recently was sent a pdf that is called "the complete psionic handbook" i'll have to double check the name. it seems to be a freely distributed pdf online. when i get home i'll do my best to find it and post it here.

found it: http://www.castrealspells.com/thepsionshandbook01.pdf

+ how to do OBE.....heres the ebook "the phase" - OBE4U (highly recommended!!!) http://obe4u.com/files/the_phase.pdf

9th October 2013, 22:10
Thank you sway nice connection, added to my collection.

I'm hoping here in Avalon we can find some mutual out of body area? where maybe we can at-least sense that we are there together. same place same time, working together, so still in contact. A consensus focus point!

10th October 2013, 00:59
We need to develop the ' inner-net'


Red Skywalker
10th October 2013, 07:43
Check out this site:

http://psionics.mysticalwonders.org/radiobox.php (http://psionics.mysticalwonders.org/radiobox.php)

Tried it and amazing results.

10th October 2013, 08:19
Hmm! ;)

Ill have to get me tool-box and sticky-tape out of retirement!
Looks very interesting, I guess while trying to transmit you have to also Pray for no Lightening
Thx for the link, i will give it a go :P

10th October 2013, 15:57
Sunny-side-up, I think you're absolutely right!

More than once I've thought: "Why don't we just dispense with the whole electronic thing and go straight to telepathy?" We don't need the net to talk to each other. And we don't need the net for information if we can access the Akashic Records. (I'm not saying all of us can consciously do that yet, but supposedly the potential is there.)

The technology behind the internet and the "instant connectivity" that they are forcing upon the whole world is based on a wifi net so unknown that NOBODY knows how it's affecting all life on this planet. There are already many people with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) illnesses. Nobody knows for sure whether this is also part of the reason honeybees are disappearing, if their internal guidance systems are disrupted. Everything on the planet is being bombarded with these new frequencies, never known in nature.

Why not just skip all this harmful technological nonsense?

SSU - This thread needs a boost and it needs more attention to come up with some ideas of how to do just what you're suggesting.

Let's all meet at the Grand Canyon? The Great Pyramid? At noon every day (noon wherever you are), and know that others will be there? (This is just a first idea - where we meet needs to be known worldwide.)

11th October 2013, 13:02
i'm trying the basics from that pdf,i don't know if psion are real or if it's just self conditioning,but after 2 days i found those exercises beneficial for me in the sense that i feel more centered,i had lucid dreams and even a premonitory one ,i'll probably never become a psion but i thank you because i found that i need to balance and channel my energy in a better way i guess!

14th October 2013, 17:32
Now wouldn't that really be something great if we could all somehow, someway go direct:wizard:

If we could call in the Physic-Cable-Guy and all meet up in the communal-garden to chat spirit to spirit and practice creating new reality together!:cheer2:

14th October 2013, 20:36
I've been thinking about this recently, too. It comes up in a lot of threads -- Bill's thread about how to heal the world, positive energy for the Colorado flood victims, people with health problems, bees, etc.

Bottom line is: once you accept our thoughts have the ability to change the world, you realize we have a lot of untapped potential.

It seems what we're missing is a centralized location for this kind of effort. I think we need to start small, so even the new "light-workers" can help and gain confidence and enthusiasm. Perhaps it'd help to set a specific agenda, and a specific time, for everyone to focus their energy.

Perhaps this already exists on the forum and I'm missing it. But if I'm missing it, then it isn't being promoted as heavily as it should be! I'm envisioning a place where Avalonians are excited to check in, and do their part, and bask in the glow of our positive change. We have a lot of positive, open minds here. We could seriously do some good!

I will be the first to admit it: I am totally new to this "light-worker" game. I don't claim to have any powers yet, but I've had a few promising signs that I've already enacted positive change in my life in the month I've been practicing this. Every day I try to send my positive energy out and try to enact change on a micro and macro level. But I'm new, I'm not sure what I'm doing, and this is a Herculean task for one newbie.

I really do think the project needs to start small, though, and clearly outline what people have to do, so total newbies are encouraged to do it. Turn newbies into light-workers. Grow in numbers and strength. Enact change. I sincerely believe we can do this!

Can anyone with more experience either help me find what I'm looking for, or give suggestions on how we can start something like this?

EDIT: See the Maharishi Effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maharishi_Effect#1996_Merseyside_study) for an example of this!