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10th October 2013, 01:08
Always good to know that it's Always Best to be Helpful.


From "Seth Speaks"
PG 162
Quite simply, a belief in the good without a belief in the evil, may seem highly unrealistic to you. This belief, however, is the best kind of insurance that you can have, both during physical life, and afterward.

It may outrage your intellect, and the evidence of your physical senses may shout that it is untrue, yet a belief in good, without a belief in evil is actually highly realistic, since in physical life it will keep your body healthier, keep you psychologically free of many fears and mental difficulties, and bring you a feeling of ease and spontaneity in which the development of you abilities can be better fulfilled. After death it will release you from the belief in demons and hell, and enforced punishment. You will be better prepared to understand the nature of reality as it is. I understand that the concept does indeed offend your intellect, and that your senses seem to deny it. Yet, you should already realize that your senses tell you many things, which are not true; and I tell you that your physical senses perceive a reality that is a result of your beliefs.

Believing in evils, you will of course perceive them. Your world has not tried the experiment as yet which would release you. Christianity was a distortion of this main truth – that is, organized Christianity as you know it. I am not simply speaking here of the original precepts. They were hardly given a chance, and we will discuss some of this later in the book.

The experiment that would transform your world would operate upon the basic idea that you create your own reality according to the nature of your beliefs, and that all existence was blessed, and that evil did not exist in it. If these ideas were followed individually and collectively, then the evidence of your physical senses would find no contradiction. They would perceive the world and existence as good.

This is the experiment that has not been tried, and these are the truths that you must learn after physical death. Some, after death, understanding these truths, choose to return to physical existence and explain them. Through the centuries this has been the way. In the system of probabilities that originates within physical reality, this is also the case.

There are systems of probability not connected with your own system at all, much more advanced than any you presently imagine, and in these, the truths of which I have been speaking are well known. In them individuals creatively and purposely create realities, knowing how to do so, and giving full rein to the creative abilities of consciousness.

In Unity, Peace and Love

10th October 2013, 01:35
If you want to have a taste of the article, it is a good article, I enjoyed

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

War is the epitome of a selfish and power hungry mentality that destroys the true spirit of humanity. University of Pennsylvania biologists offer a mathematically based explanation for why cooperation, forgiveness, altruism and generosity succeed in the long-term benefit of populations where selfish and disharmonious intentions fail.

Their work builds upon the seminal findings of economist John Nash, who advanced the field of game theory in the 1950s, as well as those of computational biologist William Press and physicist-mathematician Freeman Dyson, who last year identified a new class of strategies for succeeding in the classical game theory match-up known as the “Prisoner’s Dilemma.”


Dr. David De Cremer of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and New York University in New York previously found that leaders can inspire cooperation in group members if they simply treat everyone fairly, and give group members a voice in decision making.

“These types of leader characteristics are able to influence people’s motives in such a way that they no longer care only about their self-interests, but also the goals of the group and the organization,” a transition that is crucial to the success of the entire group, de Cremer stated.


Stewart noticed the first of these generous approaches among the zero determinant strategies that Press and Dyson had defined. After simulating how some generous strategies would fare in an evolving population, he and Plotkin crafted a mathematical proof showing that, not only can generous strategies succeed in the evolutionary version of the Prisoner’s Dilemma, in fact these are the only approaches that resist defectors over the long term.


Ruling out that network organization influences in the cooperation of people, and having discovered that what is important is reciprocity, that is, cooperating according to cooperation received, will radically change the focus of a significant number of researchers who are developing theories on the emergence of cooperation among individuals.

There is also a researcher at McGill university who is working on this but on the historical study of societies. When he took all societies together, throughout history, he could determine when those societies started to fail based on the diminishing cooperation amongst it smember or groups. He also determine that it is not the fringe people that will take the best decisions for the whole (fringe meaning brightest or most successful) but the average folk, when taken as a group, over time, always end up making decisions that are more sustainable for the group. It was shown at Tele University and was very interesting.

Furthermore, theres was also a study with monkeys, which was showing that when the psychopaths or agressive of the group were gone (through sickness), the remaining softer ones got a good group, survived better, has to work less for feeding and enjoy life much better. They were cooperating much more.

10th October 2013, 14:23
Lynne McTaggard has a great new book, The Bond, that talks of the connection between us all. Competition is 180 from our true nature and the intent of creation.

10th October 2013, 19:42
It's simple: multiply a selfish person by 7 billion. What you get? 7 billion selfish people, and worse. Almost us..., or our current cenario. (Please, count the exceptions).

Now, multiply a generous person by 7 billion. What you get? Tastes like heaven, and better.

11th October 2013, 16:13
Tastes like heaven, and better.

I'll suggest... It IS Heaven... and More!

In Unity, Peace and Love

11th October 2013, 17:33
Gregg Braden said the same more or less on one recent video and also stated that a large group of scientist had come to the conclusion that cooperation works and that competition does not.
He also claimed that in the animal world cooperation is also the norm.
He debunked Darwinian "Survival of the fittest" and the believed evolution of humans in a scientific manner.
It might be on this Gregg Braden video posted here


12th October 2013, 22:21
I was only taught about how greed is the motor of competition which creates better products in a an economic model... it may turn out to be a smaller part of the picture... fair competition on a level playing is not a bad thing, if that exists anywhere anymore to begin with...

But I knew that couldn't be the whole picture, I remember many a student, dropping business because they had become thoroughly disenchanted... because they couldn't accept what they were being taught... but the one thing they don't teach in high school, college or university... and even in most of law school (might be the only place it might exist, and only a particular 'archaic' and almost 'hidden' branch of law (yet the most fundamental)..

And that really struck me... really odd to me... because now that I look at it I see the elites operating in Trust everywhere... abusing it of course for their full advantage...

But the thing is the ONLY reason why the can abuse it as such, is not because of any inherent defect in Trust law principles in and of itself, quite the contrary... is only because everyone else is completely clueless it even exists... If we the people could become aware of this... the principles of trust interpretation and equity are so fundamental and so sound, we absolutely could take control of EVERYTHING... the Government, the Bankers and anyone controlling anything that belongs to us would, by definition come under our absolute control... because we would truly understand who we are, and what is our relationship to the System built up around us... and we would know all these "agents" in the public for what they truly are... our government servants... our Fiduciary Trustees... (meaning they have HUGE obligation and ALL liability to perform...) and right now they have that completely turned around a 180 degrees on us...