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Inter-Galactic War by Chris Thomas
© Chris Thomas September 2013 - (4)


Over the past number of years, we have heard repeated claims, by channeled means, that there has been several wars fought across several galaxies by various “Alien” races. These wars ultimately resulting in humans being dumped on the Earth; which has acted as a “prison” for us ever since implying that humans have no place being on Earth but should be repatriated to their “original home world”, usually via a “5th dimension”.

Not one of these stories is correct and yet so many people have fallen for them.

However, it is becoming more and more clear that a “War” is being fought but this is not a war between various alien races but by the Velon against themselves.

The purpose of this “War” being to determine which of the Velon races controls the Earth and turns humanity, or what will be left of it, into a slave race.

Despite the Velon aim, it is humans who are allowing this to happen. Not only allowing it but encouraging and supporting this war.

**The Velon**

I have described the Velon many times in my books, articles and essays and so I am not going to explain them again here in any great detail.

The Velon, are one of the original seven semi-physical races who originate in a solar system they call “Velos”.

Velos is located in a galaxy that is thirty-two galaxies distant from ours and is located behind the constellation of Sagittarius.

Their solar system has two suns and eight planets. Three planets orbit around one sun whilst four planets orbit around the other.

The eighth planet orbits around both suns and takes approximately 3,600 years in so doing.
The solar system is peopled by a race who calls themselves Velon.

The reason for the name Velon, and the solar system being called Velos, is because the primary solar system consciousness calls itself Velus (there is a secondary solar system consciousness but I have been unable to determine what it calls itself).

The Velon peoples have divided themselves up into six races, or factions.
These divisions are along the lines of we on Earth calling ourselves German or Dutch or Mexican etc. or humans calling themselves Buddhist or Jewish or Zoroastrian etc.

The Velon have divided themselves up into races that call themselves:


These divisions within the Velon seem to follow along religious lines although their ideology behind these divisions is not very clear.

Approximately 300 years ago, Velus had some kind of revelatory moment and decided that the whole of the Velon race should move to Earth (see Universal Soul, Human Soul, Project Human Extinction and The Annunaki Plan? or The Human Plan?).

Under the direction of Velus, the Velon began to build massive ships that could travel the distance between their home galaxy and ours.

These ships were huge “ark” ships in that they could carry up to 900,000 Velon in each ship.
Each of the six Velon races devised their own strategies for travelling here and each of the six races built their own ships.

Also, each of the six Velon races began to develop plans for how they could be the first to claim the Earth, and our solar system, for their own.

When these numerous ships arrived just outside of our solar system, they came to a halt as they realised that the Earth was already inhabited.

With this realisation, each of the races began to devise new strategies for taking control of the Earth and removing the vast majority of humans off the planet – their plans also included the removal of virtually all living things off the planet in the same way as they have done on their home planets.
So how have the Velon races, or factions, set about removing humans from the Earth?

In studying the Earth, and humans, each of the Velon races made use of Velon technology.
Note: The technology employed by all of the semi-physical races is primarily energetic in nature. In other words, their technologies are not “physical” in the way that we would understand it, but comprised of energy patterns that fall outside the range of human senses for us to even realise that there is anything there.

The main forms of technology that the Velon used on humans amount to “spying” devices. These were implanted into humans without their knowledge or their consent. In doing this, the Velon broke the only Universal “law” that exists:

All souls have absolute freedom of choice to choose their actions. What cannot be done is for a soul to act in such a way that removes the freedom of choice of another soul to act freely.
These energy “implants” are also the source of the huge belief that “alien” races always implant humans.
This is not true.

The only race that has ever implanted humans with any kind of device are the Velon.
Where people have claimed that they have removed physical implants (such as ones made of metal or plastic) these are false, or at least man-made rather than of “alien” origin and the claims are deliberately intended to mislead – a form of disinformation.

All of the so-called “alien” races are semi- physical in nature and therefore do not use or even manufacture devices that are physical.

To us, all alien artifacts would be made of energy and this energy is of frequencies that are outside of the range of human senses. In other words, if you can physically pick up an alien artifact or even x-ray it, it isn’t an alien artifact.

So, roughly three hundred years ago, the Velon arrived en masse at the external boundaries of our solar system.

The vast majority of the beings who make up the Velon races decided that they wanted no part in removing the human race from the Earth and so withdrew.

However, that did leave a group of several million (about 25 million originally out of a total Velon population of roughly 22 billion) who were determined to carry on with Velus’s plans.

These 25 million were made up of representatives of all of the six Velon races.

At first, it looked as though the only Velon races that remained were the Annunaki and the Hathor.

However, it turns out that the other four races decided to take time to consider their strategies and held back from taking any active role in fulfilling Velus’s plans.

In more recent times, that situation has changed and all six of the Velon races who remained around our solar system have become fully active and it is this increased activity that has led to the current state of “war”.

This war is between the various Velon factions but the battlefield is Earth and the ultimate casualties are humans.

As a result of the Velon implanting “spyware” into people against their will as well as being determined to take over the Earth as well as numerous other activities the Velon have undertaken that break the “Universal Law”, the Creator, and all of the souls that inhabit the rest of the Universe, have ruled that the whole of the Velon race had to be evicted from this Universe.

This ruling was carried out and a new solar system was constructed for the whole of the Velon race to inhabit just outside, but still connected to, our Universe.

The Velon are one of the original thirteen races of this Universe and their total removal from this Universe would have resulted in an energetic imbalance that would have been too much for this Universe to accommodate and so the Universe would have collapsed in on itself destroying all life. This cannot be allowed to happen.

So the Velon race now inhabits a new solar system that is separate, but connected to our Universe, to maintain the balance of energies whilst we on Earth complete our process of soul re-integration. Once humans have become full Human Beings again (the whole of the soul accommodated within the physical body), it is possible that the Velon might be allowed access to this Universe again - but that is a decision for the future.

In the meantime, the only Velon that remain in this Universe are the ones who chose to remain around our solar system and continue to try to win the Earth for themselves. Fortunately, due to a great deal of work by the Earth’s Guardians and the assistance of several of the other semi-physical races, the number of Velon that are still encamped around our solar system is currently no more than 3 million.

The only reason why these 3 million are still here is because of all of those humans who want “aliens” to step in and sort their problems out for them. If these “5th dimensionalists” took responsibility for their lives and their actions, we would not have the current Velon problem and no “war” would be occurring.

To understand the problem, we must look at the activities of each of the six Velon races in recent years.

**The Annunaki**

The activities of the Annunaki are well known through the translations of Zecharia Sitchin and I have described their plans and schemes many times in my books, articles and essays.
Essentially, the Annunaki travelled back in time to dictate a fantasy story to a scribe in Sumeria about 5,000 years ago.

In doing this, the Annunaki hoped that they would create the basis for a new human religion that described the Annunaki as our “creator gods”.

This strategy worked, in so far as the story has been adopted by the likes of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Knights Templars as well as several other organisations connected with the Illuminati’s “New World Order”.
The Annunaki story is based on some aspects of early human religious history (see the archaeological findings at Kobekle Teppe in southern Turkey) blended with the history and events that took place in their own solar system.

This combined, but totally fictional, story they hoped would shape human development in the intervening 5,000 years and give the Annunaki absolute power over humanity in the present time.
All of their aims quite obviously failed, except for the gullibility of the Illuminati and all of the individuals and organisations connected with them.

We also have the level of gullibility of the average human being. It appears that since the translations of the Annunaki fantasy story first appeared, many thousands of people, worldwide, have latched onto them in the hope that it was somehow true and that the Annunaki were about to return, travelling on the bow-wave of Nibiru or piloting the comet Ison (which they claim is a space-craft and not just a comet), and save humans from themselves.

Ah well, we can only hope that humans begin to see just how much of a fantasy story this really is before it is too late. Unfortunately, this Annunaki fantasy story seems to have become so embedded in the human psyche that the other Velon factions are now beginning to weave the story into their own channeled messages – see later.

**The Jjundaa**

When the Velon craft screeched to a halt just outside of our solar system about 300 years ago, the consciousness that forms the Velon system, Velus, took over the control of a newly formed organisation we know as the Illuminati (see Project Human Extinction).

In order to maintain Velus’s hold over the Illuminati, and their families, Velus decided to bring with him six “emissaries”. These emissaries were members of the Jjundaa.

The Earth’s Guardians have removed five of these emissaries from the Earth in the intervening time period but one remains – the 6th emissary.

At the end of 2008, an attempt was made by a group of politicians to take over control of the Illuminati.
On the face of it, they were successful as the original members of the Illuminati are all dead (see Project Human Extinction) and so the “new” Illuminati believe that they have taken over total control of this organisation and its web of power.

Except, they have forgotten about the 6th emissary who had assisted them in their coupe to remove the original members. Although the new controllers of the Illuminati (made up of ex-politicians and industrialists) believe that they are in total control, they have not realised that the 6th emissary is channeling directions to them – a form of direct mind control.

And so the Velon (Jjundaa) remain in total control of the Illuminati.

**The Johnaan**

When the Velon first arrived at our solar system, the Johnaan took a long hard look at who and what
humans are and how we functioned on our planet.

The Annunaki and the Jjundaa acted very quickly putting their plans together and set out to fulfill those aims as rapidly as possible. The Johnaan sat back, seemingly unconcerned about their own plans and even helped some of the other Velon factions advance their plans, particularly the Oa and Mila.

Gradually though, the Johnaan began to make moves. They had seen the successes the Annunaki had had with their channeling works with Madame Blavatsky and Edgar Cayce and so began to put together stories that could be channeled to humans that, in many cases, reflected our religious beliefs. Additionally, they had seen the Oa begin to channel material that reflected their “alien” origins with great success.

So the Johnaan began with stories of wars that had occurred in the galaxies around Earth and that the Earth had been affected by these wars – sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly.

Eventually, after trying out numerous committees and councils, they came up with the idea of The Galactic Federation of Light (GFOL).

Along with the GFOL came the concept of having to leave the Earth by “Ascending” to a “5th dimension”.
By linking the words “Ascension” and “5th dimension” together, it seemed to link science and religion together into one “higher” concept that only an “alien” race, who had themselves undergone a process of “ascension to a state of perfection”, could understand – very exotic and very appealing to gullible humans.
We then, of course, had the likes of Ashtar Command, the “hospital” ship Neptune as well as numerous other councils and individuals.

But then the Johnaan hit the jackpot – they began to re-invent religious-like characters taken from ancient human texts but giving them a new “spin”.

It is not surprising that the Velon took a religion-based approach when attempting to mislead humans; after all, the division of their race into factions was along religious lines. Given that humans were also divided into various religious followings, it seemed, to the Velon, an obvious route to take.
So they began with “St Germain”.

St Germain, although an historic character, is difficult to track down in any kind of reality that makes sense, as there are too many versions of St Germain’s story.

I did come across some channeled material on him about 20 years ago but this turned out to be a major financial scam as well as the usual channeled rubbish.
Then we had “Metatron”.

Metatron is an Old Testament character who was described either as an angel or an arch- angel who was the “scribe of God”. In other words, whatever God said, Metatron wrote down – in The Old Testament, he was also called “The Voice of God”.

Another version of Metatron is that he was originally Enoch (of the Book or Keys of Enoch) who was taken to heaven by God.

In the hands of the Johnaan, Metatron became an “ascended master”, “Lord Metatron” and then an “arch angel” but, as far as I am aware, he hasn’t been mentioned for a little while in their channeled messages.
Sananda then appeared alongside Metatron. Over the years, “he” also went through various metamorphoses: Sananda, Ascended Master Sananda, Lord Sananda, Arch Angel Sananda but now seems to have become the reincarnation of just about every single religious leader that has ever lived on Earth - especially “The Christ Consciousness”.

How can a single person undergo so many changes of form and identity and still be believed by humans to be whatever character the Johnaan want to portray him as?

Note: Originally, there was a sect of Hinduism practiced in the Odisha (Orissa) State in India. This sect had its roots in Ancient Sumeria and used the Sanskrit language and called itself “Sananda”.
This Sananda Hindu sect fits in with the Annunaki story.

In their story, the Annunaki dictated their fantasy story to a Sumerian scribe and then travelled north to India, eventually settling in Tibet where, in more recent times, they began channeling to Madame Blavatsky. Along the way, various groups of the Sumerian travellers settled in various places, many in a number of Indian States.

These groups took with them the Ayurvedic teachings of the Sumerians and eventually became the Hindu.
The next manifestation of Sananda was that he was the “Christ Consciousness” arrived back to Earth to lead us through our “Ascension”.

But now, Sananda has gone underground and begat a new persona.

So far, I have found claims of a race who call themselves “Agartha” who are led by “Adama of Telos” what may or not be Sananda but, anyway, the Agarthans claim to be Ascended Masters of Sirian origin (star system Sirius) who have formed the Lemurian Council who work with an ancient priesthood led by Zeniel (who may or may not be Sananda) who also claims to be Melchizedek.

These Agarthans (or sometimes Archons – see below) have been on Earth since the time of Lemuria. They had a big battle with the “evil” Atlanteans and buried Lemuria deep under the Earth where they have remained ever since in a 5th dimensional space made up of ice and snow.

If Sananda is confused about who he claims to be then it is not surprising – I certainly am confused about who “he” is supposed to be and I don’t span countless dimensions or time frames that “he” claims to never mind about all of the religious belief systems. Life must be tough being a “god”!

There also seems to be a great deal of confusion about those who live in “the Hollow Earth”.
Are they Argarthens? Are they Archons? Are they “Ascended Lemurians” who themselves claim to be “Ascended Sirians” or are they an ancient priesthood who are followers of Melchizedek?
Buggered if I can work it out.

All I do know is that there were beings known as “Archons” who were, what could be described as, “companion beings” to the 14th Faction. Like all things connected with the 14th Faction, they have been totally eradicated from this Universe so they definitely do not live underground in a “Hollow Earth” even if there was a “Hollow Earth” to exist in.

Note: There is no “Hollow Earth”. There are deep cave systems that connect into a layer that is about 3 km below the surface. This layer is where molten magma from the earth’s core spreads out before erupting through volcanoes. As the volcano finishes erupting, the magma withdraws leaving huge cave and tunnel systems. This layer is called the Mohorvicic layer.
There is some truth about beings from Atlantis going to live in this layer at the end of Atlantis. It is also true that they lived there for a very long time but these lost souls were helped back to their places of soul origin by the year 2000 and so, apart from the occasional creepy crawly, the Mohorvicic layer is empty of life.

Incidentally, the idea of beings living in a hollow Earth is based on a Dr Who episode aired on the BBC about 3 years ago. Since that episode was aired, the stories of beings living in a hollow Earth has gone berserk. Several of the themes of the original Star Trek TV series have also found their way into channeled messages. The newest one I came across was about Venusians but firmly based on the storyline of the 1951 classic sci-fi movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”.

What’s next I wonder? Perhaps Sananda becomes the high priest of Z’ha’dum from the TV series “Babylon 5”.

But, literally as I was writing this section, a friend sent me the newest summary of the Sananda - Kumara family “blood-line”:

The family originally came from Venus. “His” father was called Sanat, his mother’s name is unlisted, their son (Sananda) is Jesus/Jeshua Sananda. There is also Sanaka Kumara who is also St Germain (and also claims to be Merlin). Also Sanatana Kumara who is Arch Angel Michael but is also really Lord Melchizedek.
Nothing like keeping it in the family.

Sananda seems to be trying to build “his” own pantheon of “gods” but it has become much more of a “Greek Tragedy” from Mount Olympus and the joke is on the humans who follow “him”.

(and I don’t mean TV channels!)

**The Hathor**

Initially, the Hathor kept a low profile but then began to introduce themselves to people on an individual basis.

Their approach was, to start with, very low key and very friendly and helpful.

But, in time, they began to seek a larger and larger audience.

One of their approaches was to take a leaf from the Johnaan way of doing things and took on a religious persona in the form of the wife of Jesus the Christ, Mary Magdalene. This pretense of being Mary Magdalene continues to this day as have the number of humans who have fallen for it.

The Hathor then chose an individual to whom they began to channel musical sequences.

These musical sequences were captivating and produced healing effects in the human body.
In using music in this way, a group of people began to form around the Hathor’s chosen individual and the group became ever larger. As people became followers of this group, they were given a piece of silk that was imprinted with energy symbols.

These energy symbols were invisible to the human eye but were used by the Hathor to track the silk owner’s whereabouts and could subtly influence the owners own energy patterns and even their behavior. These subtle influences were not to the silk owner’s benefit.

People enjoyed the Hathor music and the number of members of this group continued to grow.
The next move the Hathor made was then to persuade this group to build two of what the Hathor called “cellestoriums”.

A cellestorium being a giant “tuning fork” 100 meters (333 feet) long and about 30 cm (12 inches) in diameter embedded vertically into the ground and constructed of a copper shaft packed with programmed quartz crystals.

To quote from the newsletter (called “Soundings” - winter 2004) produced by this group: The Hathor claimed that the purpose of the celestoriums was to:

“...open and sustain a celestial portal so that beings of the higher worlds can enter this plane and assist in counteracting the great negativity that is loosened on your Earth...”

In other words, generate a “portal” that avoided the Earth’s Guardians as well as to break through the solar system’s defences. All of this without the earth’s approval.

However, the real purpose of the celestoriums became clear when the first one was made active on the 10th of April 2006. All of the members of the group, who had been given “silks”, suddenly found themselves being sucked out of their bodies. The energy field generated by the celestorium would have pulled their souls out of their bodies and deposited them at the edge of our solar system.

In addition, the celestorium contained frequencies that related to the Earth’s own consciousness. As it was activated, it also tried to pull the Earth’s consciousness out of the planet. This would also have been dumped at the edge of our solar system.

Two members of the Sidhe´ went to investigate this direct attack on the Earth and both were destroyed in the process.

No member of the Sidhe´ had ever been destroyed before and the Earth was devastated.
Note: The Sidhe´ are beings created by the Earth Herself as part of the Faery. The Sidhe´ can be considered the “management” of the Faery who look after and protect all of the plant life on the planet.

On the activation of the celestorium, the Earth’s Guardians stepped in and destroyed the energy patterns of the celestorium. The Guardians also made both celestoriums permanently inoperable by altering the structure of their quartz crystals making it impossible for them to be ever energised or programmed again.
With the energetic destruction of the celestorium, the Earth’s consciousness returned to the planet and the souls of those affected by the energies were returned to their bodies.
Most of the people affected in this way have subsequently left this group.
The next obvious activity by the Hathor took place in Norway.

This implies a close tie-up between the American military and the Hathor that makes it even more scary.
Everyone was fascinated by the massive spiral that appeared in the skies over the island of Tromsø in northeastern Norway on December 9th 2009.

The official story is that it is the exhaust trail from a misfired Russian missile from a nuclear submarine passing near to the coast. However, one look at the photographs clearly shows that the spiral originates from a land- based site.

The other reason why it cannot be a misfired missile is to do with the trajectory of missiles fired from submarines. When the missile is launched, compressed air is used to push the missile to an altitude of about 30m (100 feet) above the surface when the missile’s engines then fire, generating a great deal of smoke from its exhaust. If the missile’s engines misfire, one of two things happen: either the missile just falls into the sea or the missile continues to rise but enters into an extremely fast eccentric spiral. A misfired missile cannot, due to its centre of gravity, produce a regular spiral and certainly not a spiral as perfectly formed as the one over Tromsø. As the missile spirals out of control, the exhaust produces a visible smoke trail that dissipates very rapidly. The missile’s engines are also designed to “push” the missile onto its pre- programmed course which rises steeply above the sea surface at anything up to 20 metres per second producing a massive sonic boom – the Tromsø spiral was totally silent. Therefore, a misfired missile’s spiral trajectory is also travelling rapidly upwards which bears no resemblance to the photographs of the Tromsø spiral which clearly show a smooth spiral appearing in a single plane i.e. not an erratically moving vortex. The Tromsø spiral was also clearly visible for about 15 minutes, an impossibly long period of time for a missile exhaust trail. The other thing about the Tromsø spiral is that it is coloured blue. No missile ever fired has produced a consistently blue exhaust – spiral or otherwise.

There are two other possibilities that come to mind, but both of these can be discounted. It could be the projection of an image (like the projected symbol in the Batman stories) but producing a simple spiral seems like a waste of time and energy. Or it could be a projected hologram produced with Project Bluebeam generators. Again, why project a simple spiral if this was its source, why not something a little more exciting such as an NTV (UFO)? (NTV stands for Non Terrestrial Vehicle).

Note: Two other things are known about Tromsø and they are firstly, that it contains a secretive military base and secondly, there is a HAARP station on the mainland.

HAARP stands for: “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Programme” with its first installation becoming active in 1993 in Alaska. The “official” reason for HAARP was that it could provide the military with a communication capability that could work “over the horizon” without using satellite communications. HAARP could do this by “bouncing” communications off the underside of the ionosphere. However, it very rapidly became clear that HAARP was designed for weather modification. Weather modification is illegal under numerous international treaties and international law. What HAARP does is to concentrate microwave frequencies into the ionosphere causing localised heating to take place that alters high altitude weather patterns, pushing warm or cold weather fronts away from their natural locations. Satellite images of Alaska clearly show a “bending” of the jet stream over the original HAARP site.

However, there is growing evidence to show that HAARP ground stations also target space-bourn satellites and are capable of “bouncing” a highly focused stream of microwaves off a satellite and targeting the Earth’s atmosphere in any part of the planet, altering local weather patterns as desired. HAARP emissions have also been recently connected to unexpected earthquakes, such as the one in Chile.

But, these are capabilities that are known, the full capabilities of HAARP remain top secret. The author is someone who “reads” energy frequencies and, having “read” what was going on over Tromsø, has arrived at another scenario, one which does make sense of all of the unusual energy frequencies that made up this spiral.

If you have seen the photographs of what happens before the spiral collapses, you see a Black Hole. The centre of the spiral disappears and becomes a uniform black. It is known that HAARP installations are capable of projecting 1 gigawatt of energy, which is a great deal of energy potential. But, what would be the purpose of attempting to create a Black Hole within our solar system?

There can only be two possible answers: firstly, to enable something to be released from our solar system. Secondly, the creation of a Black Hole within our solar system could be to allow something, or someone, to enter our solar system – the Hathor attempting to create a more powerful form of celestorium that would allow the Velon, who are denied access to our solar system, full entry by the Velon outside of our solar system creating their own Black Hole which linked in with the Black Hole constructed from Tromsø – in cosmology terms, a back-to-back Black Hole is called a “Wormhole” which allows travel in both directions.
The timing of the creation of the spiral also reinforces this “Wormhole” idea.

Between the 7th and the 18th of December 2009, the United Nations was holding a World Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in Denmark that was attended by 115 world leaders.

On the 9th of December, President Obama, of the USA, was due to land in Norway en route to the conference.

Seeing as I don’t believe in coincidence, I would suggest that the attempt to build a Wormhole to allow the Velon in to our solar system was well timed so that the Velon could be introduced to virtually all of the world leaders at the same time but with President Obama the first in line to welcome in their alien “friends”.

Incidentally, a similar attempt at creating a Black Hole from the Earth was attempted by the Particle Accelerator at Cern on the Swiss/ French border. Not only did this attempt also fail, it shows a connection between the Hathor and the Mila – see later.

I wrote in depth about the impossibility of building a Black Hole from within our solar system in my last essay (An Update on Nibiru) so I will not repeat it here.

Our solar system has a total of 396 dimensions at its disposal. This number of dimensions is far too small an amount of energy to create a Black Hole so any attempt cannot succeed.

Hopefully, all of the Velon factions have learned this by now.

The solar system has been closed to the Velon ever since they began to cause problems. They want a portal (Black Hole) to be built so that they could circumvent the solar system defences and go against the wishes of the Earth.

That cannot happen.

11th October 2013, 13:25
**The Oa**

Not a huge amount is known about the activity of the Oa – they seem to have kept themselves very much in the background until fairly recently.

Along with the Mila (see later), the Oa began their approach to humans by contacting channels on the island of Hawaii.

The Oa seem to have taken on a watching and advisory role but also one where they claim to have access to “higher” legal authority.

They began by claiming to be advanced beings from the Orion star system.

This, in itself is an anomaly as Orion is the gateway in and out of our solar system to the larger part of the Universe where the six non-physical races originate. The Oa, by way of being a Velon faction and therefore one of the seven semi-physical races, can only access our solar system through the gateway of Draco.
They, of course, were calling themselves the Orion Council who had access to memories of the Universe that were of a “higher” nature to the Akashic; something called “The Eternal Records”.
There are no such records that are higher than the Akashic.

The Akashic records every event that occurs in this Universe and, once recorded, the Akashic cannot be changed or altered in any way. By claiming that there is a “higher” level of memory is just a deliberate attempt to allow the Velon/Oa to make up any information they chose and then try to pass it off as “The Eternal Records”.

Following on from the Orion Council, the OA then decided to spread themselves around a bit and contact more people through channeling.

One of the main personas they invented was the Andromedean Council.

These beings did not originate from the star system of Andromeda but lived in a “bio- dome” moored in space near to Andromeda – Velon “off the starboard bow, starboard bow...” it would appear.
Whilst the Andromedean Council was doing their thing, a new strategy was being formulated by the Oa.

If the Oa could make people believe that they had access to this invented “Eternal Records”, could they make people believe that they could manipulate human law by making plans to remove the human institutions that caused people the most angst and problems?

So “Drake” was born, promising all kinds of legal actions that were in the process of working their way into the American High Court. All of the promised legal action failed to materialise and “Drake” did a runner.
Then we had the “Dragon Family” from the Far East also promising that they were taking legal action to reclaim billions of dollars worth of gold and currency stolen from the people of the world by international and American banks.

The “Dragon Family” seems to have disappeared in a puff of its own smoke.

Then the Oa came up with the big one: - The One Peoples Public Trust (The OPPT).
The OPPT claim that they have established a Trust bonded to the original American Constitution of 1776. They further bonded every single person on the planet into this trust and claim to act in the interests of every single person on the planet.

The OPPT claim to have filed legal documents with the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) that claims:
“Understanding that corporations, governments and banks are one and the same, an “Order of Finding and Action” was filed against the “the debtor”, a legal entity created via the UCC process which encompasses all corporate entities. The filings claim that the Debtor “knowingly, willingly and intentionally committed treason” by “owning, operating, aiding and abetting private money systems” and “operating Slavery Systems used against... citizens without their knowing, willing and intentional consent”.
In other words, all of the Earth’s resources are owned by people and not corporations or governments. This is a right given to us because of our connections to the “Creator” and cannot be contested claim the OPPT.

The OPPT further claim that as they filed these documents with the UCC under a “non-rebuttal” clause and as the “debtor” has not rebutted these claims, the documents filed by the OPPT now become law.

The OPPT further claim that:

“Lawfully, nobody can stand as a superior authority between you and your relationship with the Creator. Having removed the control-mechanisms of economy and government, the One People’s Public Trust leaves individuals in full liability, being personally responsible for themselves and for ensuring the free-will rights of others. There is no longer a structural chain of command. No rules. No corporations to hide behind. You are – as the Creator intended – a Being and a guardian of our planet and its inhabitants.”
Having read these documents and claims, my first question was: The American Constitution was not written in 1776 so what do they mean?

First of all, the only event of note that happened in 1776 was the establishment of the Bavarian Illuminati. Then in July 1782, the Illuminati incorporated the Order of Freemasons at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad. The American Constitution was not written until 1787 and was not ratified until the 21st of June 1788 – note: of the 55 signatories to the American Constitution, 50 were known Freemasons.

So what American Constitution has the OPPT bonded themselves to and, by extension, bonded every single person on the planet? Certainly it is not the American Constitution, as everybody knows it, as it was not written in 1776. Does this mean that the OPPT have bonded everyone to the Illuminati and the Freemasons?

Given that every school child in America is well schooled in the history of the American Constitution, the OPPT stating that it was signed in 1776 is, obviously, a deliberate mistake. If it is not a deliberate mistake, the error would negate their claim to passing a law.

In any case, the UCC does not have any legal standing. It is an NGO that makes recommendations on the trading standards between American States but does not have any legal powers to enforce its recom- mendations let alone enforce a law made by some other organisation.

So much for “Higher” legal knowledge gained from “The Eternal Records”.

What “Drake”, “The Dragon Family” and the “OPPT” were promising is that they would destroy the banking system, destroy governments, write off all personal debts and mortgages as well as “gift” every single person on the planet a cash sum that varies depending on which version of their collective claims you look at: either $10,000, $1 million or $10 million.

Oh, and as well as all of this financial largesse, they were also promising to ensure that we were all to be raised to a “5th dimension”.

Question: do the OPPT supply 5th dimensional credit cards?
And people are still falling for this rubbish.

But now we have a new twist to the Oa’s claims, one which makes use of the Johnaan’s success with their “god” Sananda as well as the Hathor’s Mary Magdalene as well as connecting Drake, The Dragon Family, the OPPT together with someone new. Remember, this is the Oa channeling this.

“Greetings! I am Lady Master Nada. I am the Consort of Lord Sananda. We have incarnated on Earth seven times together. Much of my work now is done at the Solar Tribunal on Saturn. This is a High Court. Instead of being a High Court in a Country it is the High Court for this Solar System. In The Hague, you have the International Criminal Court. The Solar Tribunal hears cases which have Intergalactic implications. These cases are judged on statutes written by Universal Law...

Sananda and I have incarnated on Earth before as Jesus and Mary Magdalene. We had a daughter Sarah. In that lifetime we were working with the Goodly Company to bring Ascension back to the 5th Dimension. The cabal was successful in squashing these efforts. We went back to the Ships to wait for another opportunity. That opportunity is now...

My lineage, my bloodline comes from

Earth’s Solar Logos – Helios and Vesta. I have been incarnating on Earth and other Planets since millions of years. I have been Council at the Solar Tribunal for aeons of time...
My current role in helping Earth is as an Attorney who works jointly with Attorneys on Earth as well as at the Solar Tribunal. There are cases being heard all the time at the Solar Tribunal now which involve Earth as well as other Planets. I am not incarnate on Earth now. I have the ability to take on a human form at will and I travel unrestricted through space as needed...

The reason a case goes on to the Solar Tribunal is if the atrocity has effected the Space Time continuum. I have also been consulted in writing new laws which enable reciprocity and make it easier to arrest war criminals who try to hide in non-extraditable territories...

The Solar Tribunal is the high court for this Solar System. The Higher Tribunals are found in the Lighted Realms and they are similar to your Panel Judge system in Federal Court where a case can be decided by a three judge panel instead of one judge and jurors. I have held seats on Higher Councils...”
I have to say that I would be very interested in speaking with the human lawyers who liaise with the Solar Tribunal on Saturn:

How much do they charge an hour? Do they get extra expenses? Is the cost of a partly used Flying Saucer tax deductible? Do they get a space suit allowance? What’s the accommodation like on Saturn? Is the beer on Saturn better than Welsh bitter?

In addition, Lady Master Nada continues with:

“Part of the settlement written into the law is the reparations for the fraudulent banks in collusion with parts of the United States government like the Internal Revenue Service. These reparations must be paid to all Earth Citizens.

These will be paid to each individual and they will be hand delivered. It will take about 18 months for every Earth Citizen to receive their personal delivery.

It is required that these be signed by the recipient as received. Disbursements will begin in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Australia and will quickly move to 180 Countries around the globe.

These will be delivered by a specially trained crew. Inside will be a debit card of sorts tied to an individual bank account held in your name. Each person will receive the same amount of money $10 million dollars.
St. Germain (Sanaka Kumara) has obtained the gold to back these funds and it is stored in bank vaults all over the world.

Each person will also receive exquisitely individual instructions which would be in their best interest to follow. These will vary greatly and will be tied to your progress and your responsibility in the New Earth.
Those details will be revealed at Announcements by President Obama and the Forces of Light he works with. This is why there is so much resistance by the cabal to change things in the U.S. They are working a plan to get President Obama out of office in an attempt to stall the Announcements. Their Plan has been cancelled...”

Has anybody on Earth noticed that President Obama was working with the “Forces of Light”? No, I thought not.

So we are all entitled to $10 million, it would appear although I am curious how the figure was worked out.
But, we cannot have the $10 million unless we follow “exquisitely individual instructions” and that “these will be tied to your progress and your responsibility in the New Earth”.

So who exactly determines our individual progress and individual responsibility, I wonder?

Is this the first indication of the Velon’s true agenda – the making of a slave race? Does this amount to a threat that unless you follow their “exquisitely individual instructions” to the letter you will be evicted from the planet and if you are evicted from the planet no matter what “5th dimensional” place you end up in, it will not be the Earth, you will not be human and your $10 million dollars won’t be worth the computer it is stored in.

I also find the name “Lady Master Nada” interesting given that the word “nada” is Spanish for nothing. Seems to me that is what “she” is promising – nothing.

Oh, deary, deary me.

**The Mila**

The Mila began by working with the Oa on several groups of humans in Hawaii. They quickly seem to have separated from each other with the Oa taking on their “advanced beings” status.
The Mila began to look at other more subtle ways of misleading and confusing humans. Virtually all of the other factions had decided on religion as their main line of attack so the Mila began to think up strategies that used the other form of “religion” we have on Earth: science.

It is difficult to work out exactly how far the Mila have managed to influence scientific thinking over the years. Most scientists are used to working in regions of investigation where any kind of proof is ephemeral at best and certainly elusive.

In these respects, science very closely resembles religious beliefs – no proofs, just a self-belief.
Over the years, I have read many, many scientific papers and scientist biographies. The one thing that is consistent within scientific literature is the number of scientists who have found that a new theory has occurred to them whilst they were asleep.

In other words, they have woken up one morning with a new complete theory in their heads that they feel compelled to publish. Very often, these new theories have been in subjects that they were not familiar with or, at least, not in their particular field of study. It has then taken them the rest of their careers to work out the scientific “proofs” necessary to make their theories work. Such theories are usually adopted into “mainstream” science very rapidly and then become the “accepted” theory which is usually put forwards, to the public, as “proof”.

That is how the Mila work in influencing scientific thinking.
It is difficult to track down a specific example of Mila downloaded science as the vast majority of scientific theory and thinking is just plain wrong.

So let us look at two examples:

**Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift**

What this theory says is that the Earth’s continents float about on the surface of the magma core and have, in the distant past, formed massive “Super Continents” which have broken apart and drifted around for a bit on their own and then re-formed.

This breaking apart and re-forming supposedly occurring several times making up Super Continents with names such as Laurasia, Gondwana, Rodinia and Pangea. This Plate Tectonic theory is based on biologists finding various species of plants on different continents and so the geophysicists assumed that continents with similar plant species must have once been connected.

The fact that there are so many holes in this theory has not deterred scientists from sticking to it like glue, nor the fact that it was sufficiently disproved in the 1950’s to make it ridiculous.

But, if one looks at the shape of the continents, it does look as though they did all once fit together. Why?
Finally, in the 2004, a new theory was born which actually accords with the Akashic. Unfortunately, this new theory has largely been ignored.

This new theory is very simple, as is the real history of the Earth as it is recorded within the Akashic:
The Earth was originally approximately 60 per cent smaller than She is currently.

As life has developed, the Earth has expanded as Her own consciousness expanded to work with all of the new life-forms She created and developed. And, at times, the Earth has contracted as She has decided on new forms of life that require the old to be swept away

Needless to say, Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift theory is still the predominant theory.


I know that I covered this in a previous essay, but it is worth repeating because gravitational theory is the source of a major misunderstanding of how the Universe actually works; and that is not a good thing.

We all know the story of gravity: Sir Isaac Newton was sitting in his garden one day in the 17 Century when an apple fell on his head.

“Ouch, ‘tis gravity”, said Newton.
Well, that’s not exactly an accurate picture of how Newton theorised about gravity but it is how most school children like to think about it.

What Newton actually theorised was that the gravitational pull of any two objects is: “Proportional to the mass of each and varies inversely as the square of the distance between them.”
In other words, all objects, including people, generate a gravitational pull on each other that reduces the further apart those objects or people are.

The Earth exerts a gravitational pull on the apple and, in return, the apple exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth. But, as the Earth has a far larger mass than the apple, the apple falls towards the Earth. In return, the apple also pulls the Earth towards it but only by an infinitesimal amount.

This theory of how gravity works, and what it is, has predominated science for four hundred years.
Many scientists are now moving away from this concept of gravity and are beginning to realise that the Universe is not held together by gravity but by electro-magnetic forces. Many cosmologists now actually see these electro-magnetic forces as the 5th dimension – time being the 4th dimension.
Note: this is not the 5th dimension that Velon controlled channeled messages have been trying to fool us into believing. The Velon version of the 5th dimension doesn’t exist anywhere or anywhen.

To understand why electro-magnetic forces are stronger than gravity, here’s an experiment you can try at home.

For this experiment you will need a child’s magnet (it doesn’t matter if it is a bar magnet or a horseshoe magnet), a household nail and a flat surface.

Place the nail on the flat surface and take the magnet into your hand. From a point directly above the nail, bring the hand holding the magnet slowly down towards the nail. When you are within 2 to 3 centimeters of the nail, it will suddenly leap from the surface and onto the magnet.

What this shows is that the magnetic force is powerful enough to lift the mass of the nail off the surface a few centimeters without touching it. It also shows that your child’s magnet is powerful enough to overcome the Earth’s gravitational pull on the nail.

It is also worth noting that if you lift the nail off the surface with your hand, you can lift it easily. In comparison, it is far more difficult to lift the nail from the magnet.

Another example of why gravity does not exist is to do with the moon.

Through accepted scientific theory, we know that the moon is held in its orbit by the Earth’s gravitational pull. In turn, the moon exerts a gravitational pull on the Earth resulting in variations in tidal patterns in the sea (most women are also affected by the moon’s cycles).

When NASA (North American Space Agency) was blasting astronauts into orbit above the Earth’s atmosphere, the astronauts entered a field of zero gravity.

When the international space station was in orbit, the scientists claimed that they wanted to carry out experiments that could not be carried out on the Earth’s surface, as they needed to be carried out in zero gravity.

If the moon was held in place by the Earth’s gravitational field, the astronauts would not be in zero gravity until they were in an orbit beyond the moon.

In other words, the moon is not held in place by gravity.

So what does hold the moon in its orbit around the Earth? How does the moon affect the tides? Or for that matter, what holds the Earth and the other planets of the solar system in orbit around the sun? Or the solar system in orbit around the galaxy? Or the galaxy in its place in the Universe?
Electro-magnetic energies.

Or at least, that is the scientific name for the forces involved. Another name for electro- magnetic forces would be consciousness.

In recent years, many, many cosmologists have begun to think of the Universe as conscious.
This new explanation has arisen from experiments in quantum physics where the way in which the experimenter thinks the experiment is going to turn out determines the actual result.

For the Universe to exist there must have been some kind of conscious thought that brought it into being.
Not all cosmologists are happy with this concept as it brings it too close to religious beliefs in God. But many are and their numbers are growing.

So why does the adherence to Newton’s 400 year old theory of gravity persist?

Currently, the mainstream scientific view is that somewhere between 13 and 14 billion years ago there was a “Big Bang”. This Big Bang came out of nowhere, it was a spontaneous act derived from a single point in space (a “singularity”).

As this Big Bang expanded, it somehow generated all of the energy and all of the matter (solid material) that makes up our Universe.

As the Big Bang continued to expand, the density of the matter began to form gravity and it is the gravitational pull of this matter that limits the size of our Universe – too much gravity and the Universe would have collapsed before it began; too little gravity and it would have continued to expand outwards indefinitely without forming the Universe – it had to be the exact amount of gravity at exactly the right time and exactly in the right place for the Universe to form – these coincidental problems can be easily overcome if it is realised that the Universe was planned by a “Creationery Source”.

But then scientists began to use telescopes and began to map the galaxies that are contained within our Universe. They realised that there were an insufficient number of galaxies, and other massive objects, in the Universe to satisfy the requirements of their gravitational model.

So they sat down and came up with the idea of Cold Dark Matter (CDM). CDM cannot be seen nor can it be measured nor can it be weighed, it only theoretically exists in theoretical quantities. But even with their theorising, and the calculations they carried out to arrive at a collective mass for CDM, they could not find enough of it.

Then they came up with the idea of Cold Dark Energy (CDE). Again, CDE cannot be seen nor can it be measured nor can it be weighed, it only theoretically exists in theoretical quantities.

In order for this “Double Dark” theory to work, there must be a fundamental particle that converts CDE into CDM. This particle was theorised by a Scottish scientist called Peter Higgs and has become known as the “Higgs boson” (there are also WIMPS – Weakly Interacting Mass Particles; and MACHOS – Massive Compact Halo Objects). What the Higgs boson is supposed to do is travel around the Universe and, when it happens to collide with some theoretical CDE it magically converts it to theoretical CDM generating an extra lump of theoretical mass. Trillions of dollars and have been spent on building larger and larger particle colliders, and millions per year in running costs, in an attempt to track down this theoretical particle that makes Big Bang and gravity theory work.

In 2012, there was a big fuss made that the Hadron Collider at Cern, on the Swiss French border, had finally tracked down a Higgs boson. Everyone cheered until the scientists at Cern realised that they didn’t have a Higgs boson at all: it was just yet another sub- atomic particle.

Many, many scientists believe that the Big Bang did not happen, that gravity does not exist and that the Higgs boson does not exist: Summing up all of these theoretical particles and interactions as DUNNOS – Dark Unknown Non-detectable Objects Some- where.

A group of these scientists held a conference in New York in 2004 and made a press release (this press release was not widely published as the statement went against the prevailing view):

“Big Bang Theory relies on a growing number of...things we have never observed. Inflation, dark matter and dark energy are the most prominent. Without them there would be fatal contradictions between the observations...and the predictions... In no other field of physics would this continual recourse to new hypothetical objects be accepted...what’s more, the Big Bang Theory can boast of no qualitative predictions that have subsequently been validated by observation...”

So why does the Big Bang theory and the theory of gravity persist?

Here’s a clue:

One of the chief proponents of Big Bang and Double Dark theory is Dr Joel Primack. In 2008, he and a colleague, Dr Nancy Adams, undertook a world tour giving lectures at institutes in a number of countries.
In these lectures, Drs Primack and Adams proposed an interesting suggestion.

Their lectures begin with a very inaccurate story of the beliefs of ancient Egyptians. Essentially they claimed that the ancient Egyptians had religious beliefs based on their understanding of cosmology – the stars they could see in the heavens. The Primack version of the Egyptian belief structures maintained that as long as the people continued to believe in the gods of the cosmos and how they held up the heavens, the skies and stars would stay in their place. If the people stopped believing in their gods of the cosmos, the sky would fall and crush everyone to death.

Virtually none of that is true but Primack and Adams used it as a prelude to their proposals that modern man should bring about a new religion, using the ancient Egyptian as a model, where the central tenets of this cosmology and anthropology-based religion should be based on the Big Bang theory and Double Dark theory; presumably with cosmologists like Primack and Adams as its “high priests”.

During the presentation of the three lectures that I have seen, they blatantly use symbolism connected to Freemasonry.

They further go on to propose that this new cosmologically-based religion form a fundamental part of “the New World Order”.

Horror is the best word I can think of to describe my reaction to Primack and Adams’ lectures.
But, guess what? That’s right, the Double Dark, gravity based theory of the Universe is still the only theory scientists accept and promote.

The Mila have done their job well it appears.


So what it comes down to in the end is that we have been made to believe that there are a host of “beings” out there who’s only purpose in life is to help humans to leave the planet by ascending to a “5th dimension” leaving the Earth free for them to inhabit. That, in itself, sounds like the script for a bad sci-fi movie.

And maybe that is what people want – some kind of fantasy story that they can believe in, for a while, but then, with a click of the remote control, return to their normal lives.

Except, of course, that their “normal” lives are far from being normal any longer.
Then, of course, there are the web sites that accompany these channeled messages. Where does the funding come from?

Many of these sites are very sophisticated with full colour animated computer graphics, lavish illustrations and painted images.

The likes of Sananda, St Germain and Melchizedek are always depicted as “heroic” figures with long flowing hair and wearing elaborate robes of fine fabrics with some kind of “Magical” symbol incorporated either on their robes or in the air above them.

When it comes to the female “gods”, they are usually depicted a little differently in that they are usually depicted as tall and voluptuous and, usually, naked.

You would have thought it was a little too cold in space to get away with no clothes! Or is this form of depiction the same as the Velon messages – just fantasy?

Of course they are.

These fantasy (channeled) messages have, of course, changed over the years that they have been transmitted.

From the Annunaki claiming that they are our “creator gods” to claiming to be religious characters from virtually every period of our history to claiming to be a myriad of races from a myriad of different planetary origins to claiming to be the ones who will sort out all of our legal and financial problems on Earth. The only consistency is that they all want to “Ascend” us to the 5th dimension and off the planet.
These are the claims they have been making for many years now and yet whatever actions they have promised or whatever promises they have made towards humans, not one single action has ever materialised. Not one single promise has ever been kept.

Buggered if I know.

Maybe the off button on the remote control does not work and people prefer to live in this world of fantasy. Maybe people prefer to ignore reality in the hope that it will go away or maybe people just want to believe in anything that means they do not have to sort out their lives and undergo soul re- integration?
Whatever the reason, time is becoming short for people to become all that they can be, all that they once were.

The Velon came here with one purpose – the total control of the Earth.

In order to achieve this they needed to remove humans. This they hoped to achieve by promising that they would ascend everyone to the 5th dimension. Nobody knows where this magical 5th dimension is as the Velon never specified where or what they were promising.

But this was only up until the 21st of December 2012 – the date on which humans could have, and should have, made their transitions to a full soul state.

But humans failed in their promise and the main reason why they failed was because so may people had fallen for the Velon lies.

Since the 21st of December 2012, the Velon message has changed. They realised that their propaganda had worked – people were not prepared, or even cared enough, about soul re-integration to make any kind of effort to take responsibility for themselves let alone any kind of responsibility towards the Earth.
So the Velon changed their approach. Instead of offering an easy “ascension”, they are now offering to solve all of the world’s problems for us – removing banks and removing governments. Notice that there are no promises of stopping wars.

The Velon are now working with the ultimate “Hegelian Dialectic” – create a situation where everyone is bankrupt or even homeless brought about by the Velon/ Illuminati control of governments and banks. Then, once everyone on the planet is in a state of panic, promise to pay everyone 10 million dollars.
So the financial crisis is engineered by organisations controlled by the Velon. Then the Velon promise to destroy these organisations and pay everyone a lot of money.

In the meantime, everyone forgets about soul re-integration and the Earth because basic human greed and gullibility comes into play and the Velon have won the second round. And humans are even further away from gaining their full potential.

The Velon’s second stated aim was to remove, or to destroy, all living things from the planet. This they are achieving with the wide-spread use of GMO’s – the “terminator gene” is a part of every genetically modified plant. This terminator gene is spread far and wide by bees transferring pollen from plant to plant and, as we found out in the summer of 2013 (with American wheat), the bacteria that transfer the genes remain active in the soil for at least 7 years. Meaning that any and all crops planted in that contaminated soil will be genetically modified, including the terminator gene.

Genetically modified plants do not work – they were never intended to. All that these plants were ever intended to do was to destroy all of the plants that exist on the Earth.

Destroy the plants and you not only destroy animals but also humans.
The other reason for attempting to genetically modify plants is that it is a stepping-stone towards the real Velon agenda.

Remember what the Annunaki claimed:

They are our creator gods.

What better way to prove that they created us in the first place than to build a new human – one that could replace every human on Earth?

Only this time, these new humans would be genetically modified to “know” absolutely that they were created by the Velon as a race to be their slaves.

As well as being genetically modified to be “superior” to us “normal” humans – the American military’s “Super Soldier” programme is already proving that. Except, the “New Super Humans” will also be programmed to destroy all other forms of humanity.

The Velon-generated “Matrix” seems to have taken over all of the people who have not raised their energy frequencies sufficiently to allow them to continue living on this Earth.
And that is a tragedy of Universal significance.

But it is not as though we do not have help. All of the Universe wants humans to succeed in our chosen plans.
The Human Plan is very simple:

When we first arrived on this wonderful Earth, we had the whole of the soul contained within the physical body – there were no higher self/physical self divisions. Because of problems of energy frequencies, we had to step back, to become less than we were in order to learn our way back to being true Human Beings once again.

In order to achieve our goal, we set ourselves a time limit and that time limit ran out on the 29th of October 2011. The year between the end of 2011 and the 21st of December 2012 was intended to be a time of consolidation before we all made our final transition to a full soul state together.

Into this period of transition stepped the Velon and they promised to make our transition easy but only if we voluntarily agreed to leave the Earth behind.

On a subconscious level, every single one of us knew what we had to do and yet so many people chickened out of their responsibilities – particularly those who considered themselves “New Age or “Enlightened”.

The Earth has done everything She can to help us.
The other races of the Universe have done everything they can to help us.
The Universe has done everything It can to help us.
And yet we failed.

It is human choice that determines what happens, both individually and collectively. The Earth cannot step in and save us. The other races cannot step in and save us. The Universe cannot step and save us. We need to do this for ourselves.


All is not lost.

There is still time, even if it is the “thirteenth hour”.

What we need to do is to reject the Velon and all of their schemes and promises and look to ourselves.
All that we really need to do is to clear out our emotional debris, to clear our lives of its emotional clutter.
Once we have done that, individually, we can take advantage of the new energy patterns that have been kept at their peak since the 21st of December 2012 by the Earth, the other races and by the Universe.
Everything is in place, all we need to do is to take advantage of all of the positive energy that is freely available to us and we will become so much more than anything the Velon, and all of their factions, have ever promised.

We can all join the three million people who have already undergone soul re-integration and the many millions more who are ready to make that shift in consciousness.
No more wars. No more need of money. No more need for illness.

Time is now very short for us to catch up because if we do not catch up, the Earth will be lost to us in anyway as those who do not take that small amount of personal responsibility in clearing out their emotional debris will not be able to remain.

We will become Human Beings once again and live out our extended lifetimes enjoying the abundance that the Earth has provided for us.

Is that such a difficult task when we stand to gain so much?

11th October 2013, 14:19

All versions are subjective,
which version wins?
normally the one we can do most with.

20billion beings came to rest at earths boundary 3hundred years ago,
technologically we were nothing,
if brute was all that was required, ..it we would have been ripe for the picking,

so why would the bulk, the 19billion remove itself,
apparently karma and grand dynamics play a great role.

So it seems that the universe requires the dynamics of 13-super groups,
6 physical.

Which point had the Velos reached, to think of removal..
obviously a hyper or advanced9in lineage0 economic political phase.

Can we pretend that we can solve our own problems in this sense,
not yet,
it apparently takes many soul integrated humans over generations

the thing in itself senses its own path
the thing in itself as it now is, cries out, what options it avails itself too,will no doubt not benefit it,
what it cries out for is itself