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12th October 2013, 09:29
Cyclone Phailin is due to strike the coast of India in about 8 hours time (approx 4pm-6pm GMT)
Thousands upon thousands are going to be displaced and killed I fear if this cyclone doesn't dissipate before hitting the coast. Latest information is saying it will be more devastating than Katrina.

Can we please all work our thoughts at this cyclone and break it down, ease its anger and velocity before it does its worse.

I'm on google earth now to help focus on the area, as of 10.30am UK time its currently about 250 miles off coast and is expected to be a direct hit in the vicinity between Kalingapatnam in Andhra Pradesh and the port of Paradip in Odisha.
Thank you x

12th October 2013, 09:32
I hope nature can work off some of the excess "heat" without causing too much upset for the humans and other living things in its path.

12th October 2013, 14:18

To help see the extent of this cyclone ... it helps me focus.

12th October 2013, 14:39
I've sent prayera of strong winds to move the storm over dry regions that need rain in deserts of Africa to create oasis.

12th October 2013, 15:47
Thanks for the link, Christine. According to Accuweather, the storm has made landfall and is moving inland, northwest. Winds are diminishing from 120 to 70 mph, which is good, but 70 mph can still be quite destructive.

Bless and keep the people, animals, and crops of this area! Dissipate the winds and reduce the rainfall!

I have placed a million-miles-long rod of Love-Light into the center of this storm, to short-circuit the energies propelling it. Anyone who is attracted to that visualization, please reinforce the intent by imagining this Love-light weakening the storm.

12th October 2013, 15:58
I just came across this thread, and I am joining in as well. Thanks so much for the thread! As well as the Stellar company gathered here with good intentions!:)

13th October 2013, 17:22
Cyclone Phailin update:

The storm weakened considerably on hitting land. Lots of property damage along the coast but first reports are that thousands of lives were saved by the mass evacuation of a million people. I haven't been able to find good info on the storm surge. Below is a comment from Indian officials (sorry, I lost the link to this news story somewhere along the way.)

Indian officials spoke dismissively of American forecasters who had warned of a record-breaking cyclone that would drive a massive wall of water - perhaps as large as 9 meters high (30 feet high) - into the coastline.

"They have been issuing warnings and we have been contradicting them," said L.S. Rathore, director-general of the Indian Meteorological Department. "That is all that I want to say."

"As a scientist, we have our own opinion and we stuck to that. We told them that is what is required as a national weather service - to keep people informed with the reality without being influenced by over-warning," he said at a news conference in New Delhi, the capital.


Nearly 1 million people were evacuated from the coast ahead of the storm, including more than 870,000 in Orissa and more than 100,000 in neighboring Andhra Pradesh.

WATERWORKERS: Please work to diminish the rains which are continuing inland, and help reduce flooding - especially of food crops in the ground.

__________________________________________________ ________


Nari - Vietnam coast:
Nari, the first of the two storms, will churn westward over the South China Sea Sunday with landfall on the central Vietnam coast, potentially as a dangerous typhoon, is expcted about Monday, EDT.

Destructive winds and an inundating storm surge at the coast will be greatest threats near the site of storm landfall. Hue, Da Nang and Quong Ngai could be in the direct path of Nari.

Friday, Typhoon Nari swept westward over the island of Luzon, Philippines, where the worst of its potentially destructive winds and rain passed north of Manila. Nari then continued to plow westward over the South China Sea on Saturday.

Wipha - Tokyo:
Farther north and west, Wipha, was gathering strength far to the south of Tokyo on Saturday. Wipha, which was designated a tropical storm on Friday, was upgraded to a typhoon on Saturday. ...