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2nd April 2010, 14:25
Two years ago, on the PA1 forum, someone started a creative and inspiring thread where members could post their hopes and visions for their ideal world, a world we hoped to create. I would love to give this topic a second life, as it was so uplifting to read and fun to contribute to!

Put on your thinking caps, open your hearts, and feel free to add your visions here. The more specific, the better! :typing:

In my ideal world? If anything was possible? Off the top of my head...

* Large....HUGE...community gardens - vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers - run year 'round by a mix of employees and volunteers...housed in large greenhouses in the winter, where the climate is colder...and the produce is made available to the communities in which it's grown...students in school and university can get credit for learning about growing food and/or for volunteering in the gardens.

* With the widespread use of FREE ENERGY (please, God, hurry up!), people no longer have to do jobs that are not fulfilling in order to "earn a living", to pay the bills. The new reality will be that the majority of people do what gives them joy, what pleases them, what contributes to the community. Money is no longer the primary drive to work, or the major factor in career choice. Bartering/exchanging services and goods plays a much bigger role in the economy. People are generous and fair.

* Because obtaining money (see above) is no longer such a huge necessity, more people are able to focus on creating a home, nurturing children (their own and/or others), and caring for the elderly the way they deserve to be cared for. (It might sound cheesy, but I know if I wasn't required to go to work every day, if bills and earning money wasn't such an issue, I would love to be at home, puttering, cooking wholesome food, creating a nice environment in which to live, spending more time connecting with my neighbors, and caring for animals).

* I would LOVE to see a QUIET, non-polluting, speedy mono-rail transportation system within communities and connecting major communities.

* Better yet...one of the Project Camelot interviewees (as well as some others) have described certain craft that are silent and that travel based on the intention you hold in your mind. I think it would be an amazing thing if that became the norm...if people could travel 5 or 500 or 5000kms in these kinds of crafts, if they were accessible to all. Just think...no pollution...speedy travel...no more noise from vehicles...and as someone who does not drive, I would LOVE to be able to get from place to place simply by holding the intention in my mind! *L*

* Holo-deck community centres (a la Star Trek) are available to everyone for educational and recreational purposes. The learning possibilities would be endless with this kind of resource, it's exciting to think about. :roll:


2nd April 2010, 14:37
I would love to see the whole world living communally (minus the cult leader). I imagine wooden houses, built by hand, plenty of land to grow food, a school, hospital etc. Real communities of brother and sisterhood.



2nd April 2010, 14:54
I would also love to see free or low-cost health & rejuvenation centers that offer many forms of bodywork, energy work, and healing... massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki, color/light therapy, saunas and steam rooms...all in a beautiful setting...art galleries and gardens with various themes (e.g., Victorian, Japanese) incorporated into the centers...waterfalls...beautiful, peaceful stained-glass nooks for reflection and meditation...soft music...small areas in the gardens and galleries when live music can be enjoyed...

The following concept exists now (Snoezelen rooms), but I'd love to see the same thing available to and geared towards everyone, and kicked up a notch with the aid of hologram technology...I think it could be an awe-inspiring, cocoon-like, cozy, experience...here are some links to give you a general idea what I'm talking about...but imagine the same type of thing in a "hologram room" setting. So neat!


Or look HERE (http://images.google.ca/images?hl=en&gbv=2&tbs=isch%3A1&sa=1&q=snoezelen+room&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=&start=0)

2nd April 2010, 15:17
A world with no negative elite . No violence , crime or suffering . A world where everyone is awake and spiritualy aware . All the secrets are a thing of the past , free energy is the norm and everyone works as a team to make things better and clean up the mess we've made .

And lots of fresh cream cakes :)

2nd April 2010, 15:21
And lots of fresh cream cakes :)

I like your style, John! *L* :hungry:

2nd April 2010, 15:55
In my ideal world, I'd drop in here about every 3 or 4 years.

I'd spend the rest of the time, exploring.
Take the family, and an endless supply of books, and just go see, and map.

I love people, but humanity is such a pain in the a$$.



2nd April 2010, 16:13
Hmm, I think I'm going to be the oddball here when I say that I am already experiencing my ideal world.

I came here for the experience of duality, and all that it entails. It would be easy for me to desire a world with no "evil", no pain or suffering, only a world of "light and love".
But this would not be ideal, as I feel that there is nothing truly wrong in the world, and that everything is going according to plan, and there is not much I would change.
This world is full of good and bad, positive and negative, good and evil, black and white, just the way it is supposed to. To eliminate all of the negative from the world would be disaster, as it is required for the experience to continue. The polarity is what keeps the whole thing going, and the game is actually quite fun when one remembers that it is just that, a game, an experience for the sake of experience. I don't favor good over bad, light over darkness, instead I choose to recognize both for what they are, polarities, neither superior over the other.
But, it is fun to dream, to ponder what other potentialities could exist at this moment, and what could exist.

2nd April 2010, 16:44
Thank you all for your posts - interesting to read your ideas!

Solphilos, your post was cool, very good point to make, that it is the duality/polarization that provides the dynamic to life experience and drives the whole thing. I actually don't think an airy-fairy, sugar sweet utopia is possible...and I'm not sure I'd want that, anyway. *L* I do think that we can maintain a level of duality, challenge, and struggle that will help us evolve/move forward/grow....while at the same time vastly improving the quality of life on earth for everyone, and unleashing an abundance of creative and innovative thinking in the areas of technology, architecture, healing, agriculture, social programs, art, etc.

So many possibilities! :happy:

2nd April 2010, 16:56
The Christians - Ideal World


frank samuel
2nd April 2010, 17:14
Your world can become anything you want it to be, for those that think that your world is perfect the way it is, congratulations, remember you are not the only dweller in this globe. For those that think we can create a better world then I guess we have join in a common cause. For whether you believe it or not our cognitive frequency vibrational awareness is changing our perspective of what is to what it will be, suffice to say that in 100 years this will be an entirely different world. We are at a crossroad that is like a tsunami is a wave so BIG that is motivating us to recreate our view of our world and beyond, the possibilities are endless.
Anybody ever read, Future Shock.? This book was written in the 70's and I often wonder where he got so much information, a lot of it is pretty accurate as far as technology is concerned.
This has lead me to believe tptw already are fighting against an ending where they will no longer be a part of our destiny and in that sense their ending will our beginning. Oh yes the story will commence but with a totally new perspective driven by our conscious awareness of the need to respect every single species in our planet, for we are in this together.

Many many blessings to all in the NOW and in the future...:):thumb::wub:

3rd April 2010, 16:10
I would love to see the lazure painting technique used in schools, hospitals, counseling centres, community centres, healing groups, etc....it is much softer, much more beautiful, and certainly far more conducive to reflection and introspection than the colours commonly used in today's "institutions"!

For examples, check out the galleries at these sites:



18th May 2010, 21:28
The Christians - Ideal World


What a great song, I haven't heard it for ages! Apt indeed ;)

19th May 2010, 16:38
My ideal world would be learning the true history of this world, even this galaxy, ALL the things that have happened I'd like to know so bad!
As for the living part, it would be very nice if no1 needs to do a job to get money, just do things ur intrested in and when sum1 can use or reference your intrest wouldn't that be great xD. Community wise, i hope we smash ALL the buildings and houses we have now and rebuild into much more effecient houses that take in place properly and with all benefits of a house to make it easy to live for everyone.
Also when all is raised to higher dimension I'd like to fly around the world not using anything but my mind and body xP exploring everything from above xD
Next thing would be intergalactic travel xP wouldn't it be sooooo cool to travel to other worlds with different things to experience!

Peace I love you all