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16th October 2013, 19:56
In the past shared some examples of how there is control over web information searches. Here is a newer example that is intriguing. My recent video over 20 hours ago does not even show up in search titles. Not complaining personally as it's not the views being sought but to illustrate an example of a type of control being applied to website searches. And whom is holding the control?

Currently if you type in the name of the video "Amazing UFO returns," nothing shows up in Google or Youtube.

Free Bird
16th October 2013, 20:11
This is what I got:
https://www.google.co.uk/?gws_rd=cr&ei=OfFeUt2CNK2b1AXy4YHQAg#q=%22Amazing+UFO+returns %22

This was the first search result: ufohunterorguk.com/2013/10/16/amazing-ufo-returns/


Are you the same mojo in the vid?

Peace & Love

16th October 2013, 20:23
here is a screenshot of what came up when I typed in "amazing UFO returns


It came up as the 5th item down the list!

16th October 2013, 20:37
exactly.. in the first example by Free Bird the link is in relation to the website (ufohunterorguk.com/2013/10/16/amazing-ufo-returns/) which follows my channel but nothing as rgrays222 points out as a direct link although he also points out the link from ufohunteruk.

16th October 2013, 21:20
It came up as the 5th item down the list!
It shows up 4th on the results of my Google search, and this present thread complaining about it not showing up is itself 7th on the results. I'd wager that the ufohunterorguk.com link shows up first because the ufohunterorguk.com link includes the component "amazing-ufo-returns" in the URL, which would likely give it more weight in Google search results.

Mojo -- I don't see the problem :).



16th October 2013, 23:04
Thanks for checking I see that a link below showed up in the search above. When originally posted it was over 12 hours and thought that was strange none were there there at the time.


edit: I just tried searching for the links again, 1/2 hour later.
On youtube using explorer typed in the exact phrase. Amazing UFO returns No links back, then went to Google chrome '24 hrs search tab' typed it there still no item returned ...I'm not sure what search engine you used Paul, google search i think, strange it didnt return anything when tried.
The UFOUK link is there but only because he posted it from his website.

17th October 2013, 00:47
When I type Amazing UFO returns I don't get a hit to your video when using google, unless its after page 3 somewhere. If I search for "Amazing UFO returns" (including the quotation marks), then the first search result is ufohunterorg.uk, and the 4th result is your youtube video .

17th October 2013, 04:23
I type in things and get the little , ehummm sorry no matches were found ... one was Cpt Rob Mcdonald and the little ghost forest , right after reading an article and watching a video about the forest and the extinct animals ... it was like , oh you weren't looking into this , because it doesn't exsist ... google has changed , it is weird, it used to just fly to anywhere about any subject matter ...

17th October 2013, 18:49
I have not investigated myself, but in a thread in the UFO forum, several stated that the searchable links to TR3 content now have greatly diminished visibility through search engines.

17th October 2013, 22:50
This was one example but if your interested try this.

if go to you tube and begin to type the channel name the drop down menu wont recognize the name as no spaces and the menu provides for other options of my channel name all of which lead to a dead end. And the real name never drops down in the menu you have to physically hit enter for the channel to show up.

ps I found out when people commented they couldnt find the channel
edit:here is name...whotookmymojo

the drop down menu is very important statistically for searches so this is another form of manipulating the search

the video spoken about that lead to this thread still doesnt show up on a youtube searches some 2 days later posted 16th-18th. All the search filters, the day, the weekly and general searches were tried and returned no links.

Can we possibly believe the ptb do not want citizens to find some topics easily?

oh the irony...my video didn't show on youtube where it was uploaded but this thread did on Google the day it was posted and crazy that the title of the video name was used in the Google search when the Avalon thread was there...

just caught this topic in another recent thread:
"used be able to google TR3, and get many hits on this -- now you can't ... interesting in itself "