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21st October 2013, 16:12
One of the videos he is referring to:


Dr Gifford-Jones' column last week

October 19th, 2013

Iíve just sent an e-mail to my children urging them to watch an amazing, informative video and telling them to never, never forget what theyíve seen. The video was produced in New Zealand for 60 Minutes, the TV show.

It demonstrates the incompetence and sheer arrogance of some physicians. A manís life was at stake and close to ending. But fortunately, his son knew more than his doctors.

Allan Smith, a 57 year old New Zealand farmer, was stricken with a severe form of the swine flu virus. He was desperately ill, unconscious and near death. His doctors wanted to remove life-support technology.

But his son refused. He pleaded that his father be given large amounts of intravenous vitamin C. The doctors were reluctant, but agreed only after the family brought in their attorney.

The video shows X-rays of Smithís clogged lungs gradually clearing after receiving intravenous vitamin C. He gained consciousness and eventually recovered.

One would have thought that Smithís escape from the jaws of death would have made an imprint on the minds of his physicians. But it never penetrated their skulls.

One doctor, interviewed by the media, argued the prescribed drugs finally worked, when they had obviously failed. Nor could he defend the fact that the doctors were about to let Smith die.

He was unaware that in 1950 Dr. Frederick Klenner, a North Carolina doctor, proved that high doses of intravenous vitamin C could cure polio, measles, encephalitis and other viral diseases. Itís tragic that this scientific fact is unknown to 99.9 percent of doctors.

For the last couple of years Iíve written about Medi-C Plus, a powder containing high doses of vitamin C and lysine. This vitamin has shown that it can prevent, but also reverse, atherosclerosis blockage in coronary arteries and prevent heart attack and stroke.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling explained years ago that animals make vitamin C and humans do not.

Vitamin C manufactures collagen, the glue that holds coronary cells together, and a lack of it triggers heart attacks.

Now, Dr. Sydney Bush, an English researcher, has proven by arterial photographs that this combination restores blocked vessels to normal. Photos donít lie.

So what has happened with this scientific finding? It continues to collect dust, while cardiologists who should know better, continue to ignore this revolutionary discovery. So do distinguished medical journals.

For instance, I have asked the Editors of the Canadian Medical Association Journal to release this information to Canadian doctors. But my request goes unanswered. So much for the power of the press!

What happened in New Zealand is happening here. But new ideas in medicine have always found deaf ears.

Today doctors have been so brainwashed by pharmaceutical dollars that they blindly accept that cholesterol-lowering drugs are the be-all-and-end-all to prevent heart attack. They turn a blind eye to an inexpensive, safe and effective remedy like Medi-C Plus to eliminate coronary attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems.

Iíve been subjected before to severe criticism when tackling controversial issues. But in recent months Iíve visited several parts of Canada, talking about this discovery. Iíve written about Medi-C Plus in my column and been on radio and TV. But, unlike other issues, no doctor has challenged this research! The fact is it cannot be challenged.

Since Iím not your doctor I canít tell you what to do. But I believe this natural remedy, without the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs, saved my life following a heart attack 15 years ago. I bet my life on it.

Medi-C Plus is available in powder or capsules in health food stores in Canada. The dose is one scoop with breakfast and dinner. But after a heart attack or stroke, three scoops a day is needed. If I had my life to live over Iíd start taking it as soon as I could afford it.

But donít just believe me about the miracle of vitamin C. Rather, become an educated medical consumer. Dr. Frederick Klennerís work is available on the internet for all to read. You can also see the New Zealand video on You Tube.

In researching the question of vitamin C raising blood sugar (where everything I read suggests it actually lowers blood sugar in the form recommended here) I came across this interesting article also from Dr Gifford-Jones:

Neo40: Is It A Miracle Supplement?

September 8th, 2012

Several months ago I reported on a unique drug, Neo40, which has now been approved by Health Canada. To find out more about Neo40, now available in health food stores, I interviewed Dr. Nathan Bryan, Professor of Molecular Medicine at the University of Texas Health Center in Houston and creator of the formula.

G-J Ė What is Neo40?

NB Ė Neo40 is a lozenge that contains L-Citrulline, an amino acid derived from protein, vitamin C, beet root and hawthorn, a potent combination that produces nitric oxide. Early in life our bodies manufacture large amounts of nitric oxide (NO). But after age 40 production of NO decreases. This sets the stage for hypertension, kidney dysfunction, diabetes, heart attack or stroke, just to name a few major illnesses. Itís called the "miracle molecule" because it helps so many diverse problems.

G-J Ė But is there science behind its claims?

NB Ė The discovery of NO resulted in a Nobel Prize for three U.S. scientists and now over 130,000 scientific papers about this molecule have been published in medical literature. NO is produced in the inner lining of all blood vessels. Lay a single layer of these cells on a flat surface and it would occupy a soccer field.

The cells cause arteries to relax, thus lowering blood pressure. But with insufficient NO, arteries constrict, resulting in hypertension, bringing increased pressure in the heart and other organs.

G-J Ė But there must be more to NO than the dilation of blood vessels.

NB Ė Experiments show that NO prevents blood platelets from sticking together, decreases plaque formation and chronic inflammation in arteries, all factors that increase the risk of heart attack. Other research shows NO lowers triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and raises good cholesterol. And it prevents bone destruction from osteoclasts.

G-J Ė Can N0 help the epidemic of type 2 diabetes?

NB Ė High blood sugar destroys the circulatory system and 50 percent of diabetes patients die of heart attack. Diabetes causes insulin resistance which makes it hard for glucose to enter cells. Raising NO levels helps to control these problems and also decreases the risk of diabetic ulcers and gangrene of the legs by improving blood flow.

G-J Ė Does NO help other conditions?

NB Ė Many people suffer from glaucoma, increased pressure in the eye. This is caused by a clogged trabecular meshwork that drains fluid from the eye.

Hungarian researchers report that NO may benefit this problem.

NB Ė 27 million Americans also suffer from asthma and its inflamed, constricted, mucous-clogged airways. Experts say itís due to pollution, allergies and stress.

Now research at Hammersmith Hospital in London, England, reports that NO helps to maintain a biochemical balance in air passages and that it could be helpful in treating inflamed airways.

Another Dutch study reports that NO can calm nerves in tightened airways and relax muscles.

G-J Ė Can patients increase the production of NO by natural means?

NB Ė The big problem is that obesity decreases NO and 50 percent of the population is overweight, so for them itís difficult to increase NO by dietary measures.

Exercise can also boost NO levels, but people with endothelial dysfunction donít produce the same amount of NO during exercise as healthy people. We know that weight-loss surgery can boost N0 by as much as 40 percent. But this is a radical and risky way to lose weight.

G-J Ė Are foods helpful?

NB Ė Leafy green vegetables such as Kale, Swiss Chard, Arugula, Spinach, Chicory, Wild Radish and Bok Choy are all high sources of bioactive NO. Dark chocolate and wine also increase NO.

G-J Ė What about the use of supplements?

NB Ė Neo40 is the only answer if people refuse to change their lifestyle. This is one lozenge that must be dissolved slowly in the mouth twice a day until NO increases and then used once a day. Neo40 is supplied with a quick saliva test to determine the current level of nitric oxide.

G-J Ė Dr. Bryan, itís been a pleasure to learn of your work at the Institute of Molecular Medicine. Iíll consider your advice about Bok Choy. But it will be difficult to say no to one of your Texas steaks!

For more information see www.Neogenis.com

Unfortunately the lozenge mentioned here is very expensive and there are other sources less expensive but without the hawthorn which would have to be taken separately.

If you do not get ulcers then red (cyan) pepper performs the same function of dealing with sticky red blood cells and heart and vascular health. It puts a neg. charge on red blood cell walls so they don't stick.

At the same time red pepper is a coagulant for open bleeding wounds. This may seem like a paradox but in fact it works as a balance tool in the body for homeostasis.

Unfortunately there are some people prone to digestive ulcers who can't use red pepper. In those cases the lozenge is preferable.

21st October 2013, 16:21
anything you know about vitamin C and diabŤtes? It seems that it does increase the blood sugar and is not advised for diabetics.

21st October 2013, 19:44
anything you know about vitamin C and diabŤtes? It seems that it does increase the blood sugar and is not advised for diabetics.

Hello my dear friend!

According to univ. of Maryland article i just read it actually lowers blood sugar.

Also overall effect of Vit. C. as an Anti-Oxidant it reduces oxidative stress and might be beneficial for some major part of diabetic groups but not necessary for all (http://www.atkins.com/Science/Articles---Library/Diabetes/Vitamin-C-and-Diabetes.aspx)

22nd October 2013, 17:12
Hey Herbert,

Thank you so much for the thread. Going to pass this on to a few people I know with chronic illnesses.

The link isn't working for me, but I''m in the states. The page comes up blank when I click on the link.

For more information see www.neo40.ca