View Full Version : Rob Skiba's Take On The Early Bible And Biblical Giants

21st October 2013, 22:59
I've made a 30-35 min. video from the 1hr. 30 min. video 'Mount Hermon/Roswell Connection' by Rob Skiba, that I found on You Tube. The last part of the video 'Roswell Connection' was so-so. It was the first part of the video that I found most interesting because it was the first time I'd heard an explanation of and about the early Bible and the Biblical giants explained the way he explained it. I hope you guys will find it interesting and different also.

From what I have found on Mr. Skiba is, since 2004, Rob Skiba has been under the employment of East-West Ministries International. He is their full time multimedia director. It is his job to fly to foreign mission fields all over the world and document what God is doing there through their missionaries.



21st October 2013, 23:52
Dude giants are the result of ET's (lyrians ) mixing with humans in the past ... titans , giants , mermaids , etc ... some were 15-20 ft tall ... and lived to be 800 years old or more ...

22nd October 2013, 23:02
Thanks, Skywizard, for this post. I just went and saw the whole original Skiba presentation which I found very interesting. There's much to ponder there.

The keys to the future lie buried in the past.... good motto... my quest, too.