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23rd October 2013, 01:38

23rd October 2013, 03:39
Keep looking into it. Just remember that we only know collectively about three percent of the universe and what it might be about. Therefore, we have to learn about the other 97%. I don't know about where any one might be on the learning scale but tapping the ALL seems to be the only answer to universal knowledge. IMHO.


23rd October 2013, 06:17
I don't think you need criticism or corrections. Theories are theories and if you're happy with these, keep em.
I'll tell you what I know from direct experience if it's useful in your theory making. You're in Heaven (probably not the one you're imagining) and you're doing what you're doing. (causing your version of reality) You're using all the power in the universe to do that.
If you don't mind what you're doing, you'll do it until you get the feeling you'd like something different.
If you don't like what you're doing, and want something better, at the moment you really mean that, you'll begin changing what you're doing.
I don't know where hell fits in to all that. I don't have a hell. I guess it fits wherever you put it.

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23rd October 2013, 12:22
Calamus I'm so glad you have decided to stay, I think you are a very valuable member and a deep part of what Avalon is!

Your post is a very good possible version of what might be, and a great version to think on for anyone lost or confused as to what it could all be about; this thing called Death and it's processes!

Great post, stay around and post many more posts:cool2:

23rd October 2013, 14:43
Went from your post here to look at unrelated search and found this vid!

Angels help man who was crushed by 10,000 lbs truck axle fall - Bruce


Plenty of good white, bright Light and peace reported here!

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24th October 2013, 00:14
the white light , I 've heard we become light and go around the sun for 152 yrs then a new body is prepared and we re-incarnate ... eveyone having a near death experience saying they say a bright light , I get that , it fits ... On the 21st day when the baby is born we return to a body ...so the time in spirit is 152 years and 21 days ... our ET ancestors figured it all out ...http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Death,_Afterlife_and_Rebirth