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23rd October 2013, 03:04
I want to share some pictures. How do I copy something from my computer? Do I have to upload it somewhere first?

23rd October 2013, 03:17
I think you will need to have the photos already hosted in a place , if you click the icon photo (tree one) it will require you to add the URL where your image is stored.

23rd October 2013, 03:19

If you go to

You can make a free account there and upload images from your computer.

Once there, you can add images to Avalon post buy copying the URL from your photobucket site location.

that is how I do it.

Please feel free to private message me if you wish to ask more question, I would have no problem providing any assistance.

23rd October 2013, 03:21
Next to the "post quick reply" button is another one which says "go advanced". Clicking on that will open a page that has a few more icons with which to edit your posts. One of those icons looks like a paper clip.
Clicking on that paper clip icon will open a window that will let you upload photos from your computer.

23rd October 2013, 03:22
Go to your profile page. In the left hand column you will find a button labeled albums, click on it. Now you will be on a page that you can create an album then you can download pics into it. Then you can share the pics or post them into a thread. Hope this helps. Good luck.


26th October 2013, 04:04

Did this work?

LOL. Guess not. Trying again.

26th October 2013, 04:09

Yay!! Worked this time!

26th October 2013, 04:11
wow is that an image from your home?

26th October 2013, 04:43
Yes. My son took it from his back deck. He lives about 500 ft from me. I tried to upload more but messed up - will try again tomorrow.

=[Post Update]=

And thank you for all the replies and the different ways to do it.

Mike Gorman
26th October 2013, 07:06
Splendid view, you are lucky

26th October 2013, 11:48
Beautiful image. Thanks for sharing.