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sushil soni
24th October 2013, 06:43
Your day-to-day interaction with the world is an entanglement. Your mind forgets who you are when you are dealing with the world – this world comprising of people and objects. The other animals, the flowers, the trees, the sunlight, the rains and the breeze do not disturb you because you do not get entangled – rather they don’t entangle you. They are actually meant for your enjoyment. But your interaction with people is an entanglement because you need to survive like they do – have a house, a car, marry, have children, travel abroad, acquire the latest gadgets that you don’t need in the first place. These are endless temptations that make you forget who you really are, why you were born, if at all, and why you are here and where you are going to go.

But then at the back of your mind there is a zombie which wants you to be free from all these, but you cannot because you have all these commitments to your family, to your people and to the world. You need to eat food for which you have to go to the market and buy. To buy food you need money and to need money you need to work. There is no escaping once you are inside this web of slavery/society.

But then at the back of your mind there is a zombie which wants you to be free from all these – so you are at both the places at the same time. You are living in both the worlds - this world of illusion and the other world from where you have come and to where you are going to go.

When you break free, you move towards enlightenment. Breaking free means leaving the world alone - that is the key. It does not mean that you leave the world but you leave the world alone. You are living in this world without being affected by it, without being transformed by its illusion. The world is only earning to buy more, to have more luxuries, to travel 1st class, to check-in to 5-star hotels and to have complete physical satisfaction – which you cannot ever fulfill completely in this lifetime. So, you are running after an illusion.

Why are you running after this illusion? It is your wrong thinking that this illusion gives you happiness. And since your first 100-metre dash towards this illusion does not give you long-term or permanent happiness, you take another 100-metre dash, and then another and another. A life free from suffering and full of happiness cannot be obtained by obtaining objects and/or by physical satisfaction of hunger and sex. Hunger for food and hunger for sex never go away. Therefore, there is a need for discrimination, a need to analyse if there is anything in the world that can give us permanent happiness, which I would rather term Eternal Happiness.

Now, the problem arises. The whole creation is in a field of change, everything is becoming something else all the time. Therefore, everything has a relative value. Eternal Happiness can come from something which is non-changing, which itself is eternal. And this something is the Self or Atman or Brahman or Consciousness (there are several names given to It – I prefer calling it simply THAT). THAT we cannot comprehend because we are living in this world with our eyes open and with all our sense organs functioning at the gross level. So, we run after external things, thinking that they will give us Permanent Happiness and Satisfaction. Remember, running after an opposite sex for seeking satisfaction is also running after an external thing. In this running after, we forget what we are, who we are and what we are doing here. (I sometimes wonder: have we come here to make piles of office files?) Having forgotten THAT, we are seeking external happiness. But the Self is, THAT is always there, has always been there. The child is gone, the youth is gone, the old age is gone, the old man is gone. Nothing gets fulfilled. But THAT remains.

So, you need to establish yourself in yourself. You need not seek that which is omnipresent - seeking means going after, going out. You don’t have to leave the world to establish yourself in yourself. You are already there. All that is required is awareness that you are there. Being there will give you bliss – a sense of detachment that will provide you enormous contentment. Then you will be free from suffering. You will perform every kind of work honestly and sincerely, you will earn money, you will make home but you will not be attached to anything. Attachment leads to craving, greed, corruption and suffering, detachment to happiness.

So, live in this world in such a way that neither you interfere in it, nor you get entangled by it.

24th October 2013, 09:04
Eternal Happiness...

is put out there like a carrot on a stick... the New Age industries commodatize and dilute 'it' = THAT
So much cotton candying / complex and conflicted representation, leading to ambiguity about what is truely meaningful..

your expose, so simple in its truth..
sounds BIG, HAIRY AND AUDASCIOUS in the pervading cacophony 'out-there'...
causes so much static on the radar

well said, you gave me goose bumps
sushil soni :wizard:

Thank you

24th October 2013, 10:41
Be "in" the world, but NOT of it.

25th October 2013, 18:47
One might find that terms such as 'One' or 'An individual' or other nonspecific referral (as opposed to 'You') to be more apt for such a discourse.

A. One can avoid appearing preachy and/or holier-than-thou.
B. One can avoid preaching to the proverbial choir.

Carry on. ^_^