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26th October 2013, 03:33
Viviane Chauvet is stepping forward for the first time to share her story about being an alien hybrid -, a blend of Arcturian and Human genetics. In this half, Viviane shares about dealing with negative entities, The Golden Council, New Egypt, her home planet, and about "The Watchers". She closes this portion by leading an Arcturian healing to increase vibrations in which you can energetically participate in. (When you see an empty box appear in the screen, click it). The Arcturians channel through her.
Viviane speaks from the heart of her memories and powerful experiences. Why now? It is time! She speaks now to help awaken humanity and help raise our frequency for our ascension process.
If you have questions for Viviane she can be reached at vivianechauvet@hotmail.com

Interview by Antara Davis & Sandra Sabatini of Return of the Ancients TV.
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26th October 2013, 03:49
ITASHA TASHINA Arcturian Wisdom Keeper Part 2 of 3(HD)

PART 2 of 3 From Itasha's first breath, the Angels, Star people, Galactic Federation of Light and Creator have guided her Journey. Born without a veil, she has always been clairvoyant, telepathic, high empathic with knowledge of past existences. She was chosen by the Elders and Medicine People (Hopi, Navajo, Lakota, Huichol, Taramahara, Pima and Apache) as a Wisdom Keeper to represent the Spiritual Ones. It was a seven day test and ceremony, where she was intensely scrutinized. Again, three years ago, it was explained to her by the Holy people that she was to help teach and prepare people for this Spiritual special time. The Elders of Arcturus and Celestial Light Guardians have also asked her to act as a messenger to humanity. She is Arcturian.- has an academic background as an educator. Her spiritual training has led her to be a sun-dancer, Pipe-holder, sacred dancer, healer and star connector. Join us for the teachings and the blessings.
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