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26th October 2013, 13:27
I am really sorry for the USA citizens ... their future just seems really bad atm. I know this will come to all of us but ...

Some Florida Police Are Using Data To Predict Crime (http://www.fastcompany.com/3020608/fast-feed/some-florida-police-are-using-data-to-predict-crime?partner)

I know this isnt actual minority report predictions ... but its putting that idea to the general public ... eventually they can start using it like that even if its not actually true.

Human decisions are being replaced by programs ... i hope everyone agrees this is bad.

27th October 2013, 03:52
Some Florida Police Are Using Data To Predict Crime

“We’re entering a new era of police work," says the Fort Lauderdale Police Chief.

By: Neal Ungerleider

Well, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department isn't using an oracle yet, but it is getting one step closer to Minority Report-style crime predicting. The department has become the latest agency to use big data analytics and data mining to prevent crime by staying one step ahead of criminals. According to IBM, the company has entered into a partnership with the Fort Lauderdale PD to integrate new data and analytics tools into everyday crime fighting. The new projects will use pattern recognition and anomaly detection tech on existing records like 911 calls, crime records, and building permit activity.

“We’re entering a new era of police work where advances in technology are providing us with an additional tool to use in our crime prevention efforts,” said Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley in a release. “Integrating advanced data analysis into our operational strategies will help us maximize resources and stay one step ahead of the criminals.” The data generated by the new software package is designed to help, among other things, generate new patrol routes and redeploy officers to areas that have more crime activity.

IBM also emphasized that using data cuts costs for police departments and helps them provide the same level of service during a time when they may have fewer resources. The company is one of the leading providers of specialized software for law enforcement.

They won't be able to give the same level of service even if redeploying the forces on places where analytics tell them, for he simple reason that actually, the police personnel has sometimes some slack in their days not always being Under duress. BEign always sent to sensitive places will put the personnel Under much more stress. What is gained on one side will be lost on the other side, they will have more sick leave.