View Full Version : The Banned Princess Diana Documentary Is Temporarily Available.

27th October 2013, 04:51
I urge you to watch it as it never lasts long and it is excellent (http://charlesfrith.blogspot.com/2013/10/please-watch-this-documentary-if-you.html)

27th October 2013, 05:23
Don't just watch it - download it and show it to other people!

27th October 2013, 06:06
The fact that it's banned in the UK is VERY telling. Looking fwd to it. Remember the time just before it was meant to come out and then observing how it got banned. THANKS to Bangkok for that, Charles!

27th October 2013, 09:28
I can hear music but nothing else?????

27th October 2013, 09:51
When I saw this thread, I thought 'Another conspiracy video full of manipulation of facts to support a sensational opinion'. It's not. It's very good ... probably the best I have seen on the whole sad affair.

27th October 2013, 09:56
Thank you !
Many very pertinant points raised.
In particular the perception management by the press/media about the verdict. They led people to believe it was accidental death caused by papperazzi by the way they worded it.

It was NOT 'ACCIDENTAL DEATH' and it wasn't the paperazzi.

The verdict was 'UNLAWFULL KILLING'

27th October 2013, 10:11
Also, they deducted two plausible motives for the killing:

1: Diana was pregnant or soon going to be pregnant, bringing muslim blood into the Windsor Lineage, with the possibility of Prince William having a muslim half brother...... how embarrassing.
2: Diana managed to get major media attention toward the movement that wanted to ban all anti personnel mines from the world. With the convention that was going to decide about this coming up soon (in Oslo), she was becoming a real risk to the powers that don't like to see a ban on these mines. With Diana now dead, the convention got only about 0,1 % of the attention that it would otherwise have had and all world leaders (accept Bill Clinton) could now safely vote to keep the anti personnel mines as a means of warfare. Incredible !!!

One question that I would like an answer for is:
Which of those two parties are most likely to be able to manipulate the whole show that got Diana, Dodi and the driver killed and the whole cover up afterwards. I mean, this cover up was done on many levels, high up the food chain.

27th October 2013, 11:44
An expose of how the tide of change is about to become a sunami over the House of Windsor..

Banned material traditionally ensures U-ltra / X-treme volumes of attraction, controversy and suspiscion...

such folly on behalf of 'the establishment'

many thanks for posting it here Charles

30th October 2013, 03:21
John Morgan answers all your questions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWIT0hW_ruo Google other interviews to get the full picture.

7th November 2013, 18:04
Bump. Its still up!

7th November 2013, 18:43
Thanks for the bump Eyes Wide Open. I had missed this earlier when it came around.

9th November 2013, 20:02
Keith Allen will be talking with David Icke TOMORROW on the launch of his new channel: http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?65175-David-Icke-The-People-s-Voice-first-broadcast-10th-November-&p=755437&viewfull=1#post755437

Nick Matkin
9th November 2013, 23:04
I'll watch or download it. But if the all knowing, all seeing Powers That Be can't eliminate it from the internet, they're either doing a piss-poor job, or the internet is much harder to control than we're told.

Which is it?

Unfortunately even with 'serious music' running through this documentary, I have no idea if any of the reported 'facts' are true or not, But I'm sure they will be presented to make it look like there was a conspiracy to kill her. Another edit with other 'facts' will make it look like nothing of the sort.

I'll just have to decide on what is presented. But I wasn't there. I don't know!! Neither do 99.9% of people watching know what really happened.

I'm sure it will be interesting, thought provoking and entertaining if nothing else...


Nick Matkin
10th November 2013, 16:51
Well I've just watched it. Fascinating! Thanks Charlesfrith for posting.

If the information the documentary is true, then indeed sinister forces do lurk within the British establishment.

I think it's understood by thinking members of the public that there are areas where the media dare not dig - even here...

What leant the documentary credibility for me were the fairly well-known and respected talking heads used throughout.

But if the all knowing, all seeing Powers That Be can't eliminate it from the internet, they're either doing a piss-poor job, or the internet is much harder to control than we're told.

Which is it?

Neither! On reflection, I suspect it's something that David Ike worked out some time ago; if 'The Powers That Be' prosecute (which they could easily do, and win of course) it just draws the public's attention to an issue which they'd prefer left undisturbed. On the other hand, if such stories ever emerge, then those exposing or believing them are exhibited as being unhinged fantasists by...the media!

I think members on this forum are familiar with this modus operandi are we not...?


10th November 2013, 17:44
Keith Allen is about to go on the People voice now....


Theres was a technical sound hitch, he's on now.

no hes not .LOL still a sound problem !!


Well that was a not what I expected it was just
a hello basically.