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3rd October 2010, 20:56
We are entering the last phases in the convergance. Things will get more weird by the day...

I guess for this vid the manufacturer of explodable microchips have ganged up with the Al Gore group...


3rd October 2010, 21:21
It is quite clear to me that there is a huge push towards the NWO, a perfect corporate world where everyone has its place like a gear in the machine, with every moment of their lives programmed. You know, 'a brave new world' (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brave_New_World). There are many signs around us. Freethinkers are probably being traced using places like this forum or campaigns like the H1N1 vaccine. The NWO plan is, I guess, to let first world 'sheeple' (and I do not like that word) survive as specialised brainwashed workers, and get rid of third world people (just because) and free thinkers.


Regarding the carbon emissions cut, we should be targetting a 100% cut IMO, but that could hurt the corporate PTBs.

3rd October 2010, 21:26
This is an icky joke right? Not a real commercial?

3rd October 2010, 21:45
It is/was planned as part of a campain:


4th October 2010, 00:57
That is just beyond disgusting. Now I feel like replacing my energy efficient light bulbs with the old kind just to spite them.

Humble Janitor
4th October 2010, 01:30
Here we go again with the generalizing comments about the environmental movement. This time, it's a commercial that I find deplorable and not even close to representing that specific movement.

Screw carbon credits and greenwashing. If you care deeply about the environment, you'll tread lightly on your own.

I'm just sick of being part of everyone's little stereotypes. Yes, there's a subliminal message behind that movement and you can blame Al Gore for that. However, not everyone subscribes to that message.

4th October 2010, 03:15
I'm not sure what you are referring to as 'generalizing'...I thought my comment was pretty straight up. IMHO the commercal is in poor taste. I don't like gore (haha pun intended)
As for stereotypes...try being a hippie in Boulder Co. in the late 60's. I'm a tree hugger from way before you were born with several arrests that I'm really quite proud of (Rocky FLats in Colorado comes immediately to mind.)
I certainly meant no offense to the environmental movement.