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Crazy Louie
3rd November 2013, 09:25
*Quote - St. Augustine of Hippo - "inter urinas et faeces nascimur" translated - we are born between urine and feces.

Quote - Eric Hoffer - the longshoreman philospher - "Practically all artists and writers are aware of their destiny and see themselves as actors in a fateful drama. With me, nothing is momentous: obscure youth, glorious old age, fateful coincidences—nothing really matters. I have written a number of good sentences. I have kept free of delusions. I am going to die soon."

It is very easy to talk about different dimensions regarding the physical realm because so much of it is backed by theoretical quantum riffs in the scientific matrix.

The discussion of spiritual dimension is often overlooked and not talked about because of course we lack a starting point - we can only project what we currently think and know on to the screen of possibilities - people can imagine what spiritual means but have no context of what governs the laws associated with - well, we don't even know if there are laws in the spiritual infinities - well we don't even know if infinity covers anything at all about spiritual existence.

Stop and pause - I am not talking about what we know - what we suppose - what we apply from the foundation of human thought - I am talking about something untethered to any human concept at all. Thus rightfully so the only thing that might discern the ether of existence beyond the physical universe and all the other unknown universes is the soul - unfortunately we seemingly do not speak soulish - however you want to translate that.

The confusion of mystery or difference in discernment - is mostly based on little things like - few have even begun to map out the paradox in their own perceptions - regarding the bigger picture versus what fits in the present moment of observation.

There is a tendency that we as human want things to fit - we make bibles small enough to fit into our back pocket so we can carry god around - we now have computers small enough to fit in our hand - we want it tidy and we want it to fit into our very cool hip personna identities.

Not knowing much about different infinite spiritual dimensions the conversations with self and others is limited to singular moments of clarity - often this fractional clarity can not be put into words - it will not fit - we cannot stretch what we know around the unknown - even if for a moment we stood in the shadows of a mystery revealed. In the retelling the feel of wisdom from the spiritual is lost because we lose it once we try to frame it in with our working knowledge of reality.

Love would be key but we are lost in regards to spiritual love - HIS love versus human love. I believe the two do meet from time to time but not in ways one would commonly think as a converge point. I think even for those that reach a place in understanding where they give up in relating something of value to another - they never stop loving others and this is what causes us so much grief - a soul sickeness and tireness that many of you understand on so many different levels. We can wash our hands of man's wisdom but what do we do without love? because we only have man's version and without that to barter with we cannot play the game any longer.

Well it depends on what love version is important to you - is it important to you for others to know you love them? Or is it enough just for you to know you love them - or do you want god to know you love them too? Well, that's a silly thought - of course god knows you love them - but does he? Is the love you have of His origins - or is it based on what you know of human love? And if based on human love and He be no respector of man - does your human love count -- somewhere in this read - "the road to hell is paved with good intention." - We mean to love purely - but can we? we mean to love in order to help others but what do we do to them when we beat them with our love - do we back up and think - this is not what this person needs or do we say I know what you need and it's to love me the way I judge and deem love should be received as well as given?

We try to share our awareness hoping for a spark in the synergy of of human awareness that suddenly fixes the crack in the cosmic consciousness. Instead we end up more fully appreciating the flaws in the comic consciousness.

What we overlook is that even in our trying to share what we have pulled from the ether we come up empty mainly because if we had to pull it - perhaps we pulled it from some place in all those infinite spiritual realms that was not meant to be pulled from.
But even then we should realize that perhaps it was meant for us only and to try and share it with others gets in the way of them ever reaching for themselves.
One person and whatever their spiritual needs are - might be quite different than what another persons spiritual needs are. what brings you to light might bring another to darkness - souls need different spiritual information for what ever spiritual energy is needed for its nourishment on its own individual path towards salvation - enlightenment or what ever flavor you need to call it.

Our ego likes to make believe that we have to petition the ether with our hard work at finding the truth - if we just go deep enough into meditation or prayer or help other people or have special totems - if we wear a yin and yang belt buckle or burn incense or say good morning to everyone we meet - if we watch enough people talking their own versions on you tube - then and only then will we receive enlighenment. what an epic fail. If you need someone else to guide you after you have reached a certain place in awareness - shame on you for serving what ever cross you have put up on your wall to admire. I am not talking about people seeking I am talking about people that think they have arrived.

Again I return you to the key word - love - but again I have to say not human love - but do you understand? Can you - because surely the love that dribbles out of your heart is from god right? I mean you have looked at it and examined it and yes its from god. but how is that working out for you in the real world -- damn all that time you put into that costume and mask - wheres the payoff - wheres the candy? The key word there is payoff. Love is so dubious - is that what this guy is trying to say? you betcha - but take note - god's love what ever that is - is not the version that is dubious - its our love.

In our love no one gets hurt - in gods love he's bowling for dollars. (read souls) he can't win them with love - so lets kick some ---s -- well gee then we must know more about love then god right? I mean we know your not suppose to hurt anyone if you love them? How come god don't? Well maybe in gods version the greater good is all about the soul and if he has to destroy a body to save the soul - what would he do?

I digress

When jesus said "if you have the ears for it listen up" what he was saying was do you have the spirit to feel me? the word became flesh - "will you allow my spirit to touch your spirit?" take note this is not a christain drama or brainwashed message - be brave keep reading - he just put his spirit into action and you could get into that action if you liked or turn from it - he wasn't saying believe in me - he was saying believe in what dwells in me -- he himself said he was worthless - that only god was good. the writers of their own understandings are the ones that got confused because the subject matter was spirit and they could not explain that at all so they did the best they could with the written word -- and the written word did not become flesh - the word did - and the concept of what that means is --- well - lets play patty cake now.

Synergy of spirit went out the door on this plane of existence with the Babel convergence of wayward willful men butting heads with god one time too many. From that moment on mental and spiritual likeness of existence was gone. What ever spiritual synergy we shared prior to that was severed by the finalization in mans ego in its decision to transcend god - man had become so tainted - that god said no more borg collective - sorry - not only were we cast out from paradise but we were cast out of knowing each other beyond sounds. I hear the bowling alley in the background.

But god did this in mercy - instead of everyone being judged as a collective - he gave us the chance to be known and to know in an individual manner. he became aware that not everyone could be saved (what ever that means) he did not scorch earth the whole scene - he seperated the mind and spirits so each individual still had a chance to work through his own ego issues and arrive at the door to the real tower. (pathway). However I must say now with the internet it appears man has reessembled all the ingrediants that were there at the tower of babel -- read that as - man is still trying to by pass god in reaching for the heavens. god seperated the group collective that will only lead to the annihilation of singular souls. - and now I see so many jumping on a similar group think bandwagon not understanding that god wants us to be individuals
not in collaboration with others regarding our own ideas and ideations towards what the right path is.

Man was willful then - man is willful now - we have continued to live the same vain game and learned so little - we call ourselves wise because we listen to another man and nod our heads. We want nothing more than to hold a high position in the hive collective.
(do you think that the whole borg thing in star trek was just an accident - after all we can clearly see how impressive that collective was. you can call it the push to new world order if you wish but really its the hive collective. they want to change us inside as well with bio chips that will alter our dna - so we are a better fit for the collective.)

I digress

but you already know that

those that do not live in a collective of any sort - have a working knowledge of understanding the truth to various degrees - those various degrees are based on what ever parts of the infinite ether have made their way to us - not by our efforts but by getting ourselves out of the way from time to time. I think if you ask something in a moment of clarity it will be answered if thats what is suppose to happen - I think if you ask something in sheer and utter confusion it will be answered if that is suppose to happen. the main thing here is how mach ego is not involved in the asking. you see we don't just have to work through or around our own ego we also have to contend with shifting through all the deafness of ears belonging to others - those that have told us from their lofty interpretations of enlightenment what WE should do. - and ya there are some people who are near or close to the mark of knowing something - but what ever they know was meant for them to arrive at. and not the herd - even if your following someone enlightened your really just another version of that word plastered all over - what is that word? rhymes with sleep. oh ya - me peeps some bleat sheeps.

some people dearly need to know certain things for their own good selves - while others already know or are going to know in some different way - one size does not fit all - but a person who becomes aware of something thinks its really important that the whole world now find that exact same moment of clarity - and the result is one big confused state of harpooning others -- when I got baptized one time in the pentalcostal church the minister was really bummed out that I did not speak in tongues -- sorry I was totally into god - my body was being electrified - and my eyes were reading the big church bible open to songs of solomon chapter six -- I could not talk in english let alone spew some gibberish -- however I think the holy spirit manage to light me up just fine.

that was his interpretation of the bible - he was not trying to lead me astray that was his interpretation - the way HE understood things - likewise that is the case with anyone who thinks they know the way -- in any form - but we are individuals and god works accordingly.

I am not saying there is anything wrong with anyone believing in what they believe I am just saying it does not really matter to anyone else - my words are only reliable to my own understanding - I am sharing them with you because they might strike some note with you - I am living my words in ways I don't even understand at times yet god is not a confusion - so if your confused by what I am writing stop reading - this is not your place to be. stick with what your beliefs are - there are so many threads posted here that I have no desire to open - and that's not because I know more - its because I don't care to know the more of what that thread is probably about. I think the discussions there get along fine without me. as does this post here and now.

a person can seem to be enlightened to others while living in total darkness themselves -and what makes this more sad that person does not know. and that could even be me - I do not rule it out. but I acknowledge that to myself - I don't trust the ego - we never transcend it - because if we say we have transcended it that is the ego talking right there. if we have a title - that is ego right there - priest - minister - rabbi - etc - its all ego - no priest has ever answered when I asked how come the bible says call no man father. although when asked about celbracy one old episcopalian priest did admit to using a lot of soap in the shower.

I digress

ones enlighenment can only maybe live near or in the shadows of anothers enlightenment - there can be no perfect match - that was gone with our fall from grace
- however the two become one deal was perhaps a more sure bet back when we knew by mind who was like spirited - not to say that in some cases that happens today - but it takes 50 years of marriage to prove it. and even then I question is it love or is just easier to be dysfunctional when dysfunctions match up well.

I read all the various names for systems that people hit back and forth and I know one thing - they are all man's invention. epic fail - any system that involves ego is a failure - ted bundy fled to florida where he was going to be really really good and live a normal life - (this was before america's most wanted tv show) I think his being very good and reading the bible lasted a month - epic fail. that example is extreme but our ego lies to us all - about what it can do - all part of the rush it gets when it falls from grace and the bigger the fall the bigger the rush.

if god severed the connection of the hive I think jesus meant it when he said be in the world but not of it - in other words rather than rely on what the world is telling you learn to be an individual and proceed from there - is that the key to salvation - no - is that a start to getting yourself free from another mans lies - yes - and we spend so much time pointing fingers at the world out there we don't have the time to point fingers in here --

here = self

we talk about the truth - but there are an infinite number of spiritual realms we are not even aware of yet - because we cannot know them for reason - just as there is reason we are cut off from our past in the here and now.

so you seek - real butterflys with the best love you can manage - you seek to tell the caterpillars - but the caterpillars do not recognize you anymore - you are an out sider. Tell me if I lie - no one wants the knowledge that came with the transformation. the only lesson is for the butterfly - no one wants what he knows feels and lives. but we have to understand this is just how it is suppose to be - it makes the most sense for the outcome of where the butterfly will finally arrive at.

and that was me talking about jesus.
who died with friends who turned their backs to him - to save their own skins
his glory came after death - not prior too -

for those that are living and feeling very very tired - because the caterpillars cannot hear you - rejoice that you are not amoung them - it would be easier but you can never go back and undo the transformation that came your way. you are free - don't make up a new jail for the one you escaped from by letting the caterpillars eat your wings. you can fly away if you want or you can just change positions with a flutter or two - even if you become silent and stop making noises with your mouth perhaps you just being there will help one or two or more - and that will come about without you even knowing. - the last stop here might just be to really feel the weight of others as you turn your back on the things of this world leaving family and friends and things and status and institutions to bury their ownselves in the graveyard of their lie. one thing I know is if you turn your back to all that - your probably facing god more head on.

not all butterflys are created equal - salvation - enlightenment - whatever cannot be measured here in the physical realm - and since they are part of the the physical realm they are probably left behind when we exit - they will have served their purpose and no need to carry that baggage around - they are only the ingrediants that got the meal ready for god - even if they are lacking in so many ways we work with what we have to work with - to put it simple - we reached for something besides ourselves and we recognized the ourselves in all others in this physical realm and we didn't reach for them either - and when we did all that - we felt more alone than we ever had before.

In closing - we reach for the real truth - beyond here and later when we find it - we will merge with it and everything that was ever us in any universe, dimension, both physical and spiritual will be gone forever. Initially that sounds sad but think about how the soul suffers being cut off from its source. Call it god - but what god? - it will be the god you never knew to look for - the god you could never find - and mostly the god you never really had to seek.

3rd November 2013, 10:43
This was my favorite paragraph, and especially the last line in it:

"for those that are living and feeling very very tired - because the caterpillars cannot hear you - rejoice that you are not amoung them - it would be easier but you can never go back and undo the transformation that came your way. you are free - don't make up a new jail for the one you escaped from by letting the caterpillars eat your wings. you can fly away if you want or you can just change positions with a flutter or two - even if you become silent and stop making noises with your mouth perhaps you just being there will help one or two or more - and that will come about without you even knowing. - the last stop here might just be to really feel the weight of others as you turn your back on the things of this world leaving family and friends and things and status and institutions to bury their ownselves in the graveyard of their lie. one thing I know is if you turn your back to all that - your probably facing god more head on"