View Full Version : A Letter to God

sushil soni
6th November 2013, 06:14
I found you not –
Not in the dulcet drops of dew,
Not in the glorious realm of morning star,
Not in the burnished glow of flaming lights,

I found you not
In the wafting lightness of the breeze,
In the chirping messengers of dawn,
In the freshness of the fragrant flowers,
In the yawning diadem I saw
Of the ebbing canopy of stars.

I found you not –
Not in the warm light that kissed my cheeks,
Not in the fleecy clouds that rolled away,
Not even in the milkman’s wake-up call,
Not in the barking of the lonely dog.

I found you not
In the shrieking, rolling, rumbling cars,
In the wired messengers of pain,
In the weird tantrums of the mob,
In the bulging, booming bank accounts.

I found you not –
Not in the throbbing, anxious, fluttering hearts,
Not in the laughter of a playful child,
Not in the hidden corners of darkened lanes,
Not in the lengthening shadows of twilights,
Not in the luscious lips of listless love.

I found you not
In the sane remembrances of the day,
In the evenings of the present times,
In the articulate grace of compelled respect,
In the loneliness of the empty buses,
In the abandoned alleys of woeful memories,
In the groping moonlight of the night.
I found you not.

So God, when I returned home,
Into the dear cave of my heart,
I saw your Divine Eyes
Fall on these verses.