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8th November 2013, 02:28

I know that this is a lengthy video, and if you have the time, it's certainly worth the watch. My Economics professor just showed this to us in our class and my only statement afterwards to the class was "we are in deep caca". I used to follow Glenn Beck religiously and after hearing some views from other people, I decided to change my mind about him - the in the end, he is just an entertainer; but that doesn't mean he doesn't care about who is viewing his program.

The video got me interested in Glenn Beck once more, but it also got me fired up up what's going on in America. What got me most, was that of the discussion going on in class, one student actually stated that we should have a new world order and eventually, this is where we will end up. I was appalled by his statement. The guy was pretty intelligent and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but in the end, I feel that I have been indoctrinated so far that there is no way possible a new world order could be a good thing, right?

I love Star Trek and I admire the model which they present: no money, but everyone has a skill to contribute to the larger picture - and I am fine with something along those lines; but new world order being a good thing? What are all of your thoughts about this?

8th November 2013, 02:56
It will happen.

One way or another, it will happen.

If one does not strengthen their voice, and be actively involved, literally 'forever-and a day', then it will take a most unkind form.

Sociopathy is a way of being, it is mind, it projection, just like anyone else. That sociopathic criminality never shuts off and never sleeps. It never backs off and never slows down.

Thus, vigilance against it must also - never end.