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8th November 2013, 04:56
This morning I found myself waiting for my son while sitting in my car. As I always do, I have a book with me. The book I am currently reading is "The PK Man" which was recommended highly by Bill Ryan.

It was about 10:30 my time when I read the following. I underlined the two HDEs mentioned by Dr. Mischlove chuckling at how incredible the names of these beings were in light of the recent internet phenom, Twitter which refers to a client as a Tweeter.


When I got home, I checked my e-mail. I use Yahoo e-mail. I have more than one e-mail account and so when I want to check the other account I must exit the first which always takes me to the Yahoo news page.

On the Yahoo news page is a center section which displays a rotation of several dozen current news items which can be accessed via a scroll. Randomly, one story always appears as the featured story at any given moment and this changes every seven or so seconds. It is extremely rare I every even bother to register in my brain, much less focus upon, much less browse what Yahoo might suggest is “news.” Anyways, I took the action of exiting one of my Yahoo e-mail accounts and this was the news item which happened to be featured prominently and which caught my eye immediately.


This “synchronicity” is 5 or 6 on a scale of 1 – 10 in profundity for me. It was not that I happened to come upon a Twitter news item that raises the profundity, but that this specific news for Twitter (which occurred today) is likely one of the biggest days in the history of this company, perhaps second only to the day the brainstorm idea to create Twitter crossed the minds of its founders.

Now, you can believe me or not, but I am going to make this statement anyways. I experience dozens of these types of synchronicities – many even far more profound, along with other similar psi experiences every single day these days. These phenomena rarely occurred until about 10 years ago when I began experiencing all types of psi activity, primarily synchronicities. Over the years, the instances, the profundities of and the complexities of my synchronicity experiences have steadily increased. It has not been a straight line rise as there have been times when I experienced lulls. When I had my “dark night of the soul” experience back in the late winter of 2012 I had virtually no psi experiences for that 2 – 3 month period of time. That ended when I discovered Houman’s Horus-Ra thread. My psi experiences woke up again that day, April 26th, 2012. Since that time they have increased to levels I have never experienced before in this life and in the last month has been simply incredible.

Anyways, I am enjoying reading “the PK Man” for many reasons but the number one reason I am getting so much out of this book is because I realize that i am very, very lucky I did not go public with my experiences (dare I say talents?) before I had reached the stages of development I have attained in the key lines of development where I can remain balanced. If I had done so, I would be saying the very same things Ted Owens claimed - that I am working with “Space Intelligences.” Fortunately I moved through and out the other side of that perception dynamic.

I see all these activities as within me, as simply an ability of a living being, An ability that I like to believe anyone can develop and that I am nothing special just because I have developed this ability to a level greater than most... just like some musicians or painters or writers have developed their talents to levels that astound most of us.

Those who know me and are involved with my life would tell you that I have turned out to be very grounded, quite dependable, quite emotionally balanced and yes... that a plethora of inexplicable, profound synchronicities... synchronicities easily observed by others, both those who know me, trust me and believe in the reality of the phenomena and those who are quite closed minded about the phenomena but do acknowledge that “something weird seems to go on when I am around” (as one of my son’s girlfriends stated the other day)... seem to spring up all too often to be mere coincidence.

Here is a brief comment made by one of my son's, Reid, who now likes to go by his first name -

Hey this is Anthony. I am Chester’s 19 year old son and I can vouch not only for this experience he just related but all kinds of other ones as well. It seems not only is this synchronicity stuff haunting my dad but also all my close family and those who tend to hang around us.

8th November 2013, 05:36

Thanks for sharing. I love synchronicity. I'm having a lot of TV synchronicity going on lately whereby I can say a number like threehundred and it will repeat after me "300 people were involved in the...".
Or I use an expression, let's say it's raining cats and dogs...And the people on TV start about "like when it's raining cats and dogs".
Only thing is,...I don't know how to use this information in the right way. I've not yet gone beyond simply and as happily as you noticing it, but then it stops...no manual instructions...:(

8th November 2013, 05:46
Hey! I also had my "dark night of the soul" and spiritual awakening in the winter of 2012/2013. I have most certainly had amazing synchronities since. :wave:

Keep an eye out for more Twitter updates! Could be something BIG...:bigfish:

8th November 2013, 06:16
You know, I was just thinking about another synchronicity to do with Avalon.

Firstly, there was this song on the radio titled or by Avalon.

And then there was an interview in the news with the managers of a Belgian restaurant called Avalon. Apparently they won a Vegan award.

Limor Wolf
8th November 2013, 06:47
Hi Chester, In a synchronystic way I am now reading 'The PK man' as well, and the segment that you underlined of 'twitter' has caught my eyes as well. You had quite a lot of turbulence in your life, I dare suggest you have some helping hands over there that are 'fighting' for you.
Becuse, you see, there's a battle. Be sure to give your heavy weight to the side you want to win, which you already do. And search harder for your soul to know who you are, your past lives etc.


9th November 2013, 00:02
Thanks for the great responses, fellow Avalonians.

9th November 2013, 02:31
I had a convergence of several things all come together at the same time , I had no idea during the process but , when it happend the whole day made sense ... our thoughts and actions can influence the world around us ... I challenge you all to experiment with this on your own ...

9th November 2013, 16:44
I had a convergence of several things all come together at the same time , I had no idea during the process but , when it happend the whole day made sense ... our thoughts and actions can influence the world around us ... I challenge you all to experiment with this on your own ...

Its my opinion based on my experience that the amount of instances and profundity of the individual experiences of this phenomena is directly proportional to one's open minded enthusiasm that "the Universe can speak with us in this way."