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9th November 2013, 08:47
What is it that we need to exist?..........food…… we need the farmers and fishermen

What is it that we need to live?...........food clothing shelter toys and joy…… We need the factory workers and the entertainers’ musicians, sportsmen etc.

For smooth operation and coordination we will need some overseer or coordinators
Anything else is useless.

Bankers.-exist only because the system runs on money

Police and military -exist only because the politicians wants to control us and because our belief system is so corrupted that we go as far as hurting others

Salesmen and accountants and guards - exist only because everything is owned by somebody. Includes the wholesalers and their employees; the retailers and their employees.

This corrupt system is held in place by the corrupted belief system:

That we own something

that we have to gain something for doing something, worse more and more people wants to gain something by doing virtually nothing… AND this can only be possible in a system that is run by money.

Solution: Change the belief system

That nobody own anything but rather everybody owns everything

That we have to be responsible, do something to contribute to the community.

That although we are separate individually, in the context of the whole we are not. Which means that the good of the greater comes first than that of self.

How many of the factory workers work in the sales and auditing department. How many wholesalers and retailers with their employees, add that to the number of politicians bankers police and military. Now let us put them in the farms and factories. My conservative estimate is that each one need only to work for two hours a day and everyone will have more than enough. Think of the technology out there that could give us free energy and more. And there is also the fact that if you put me in a workshop with everything I need to create something I will probably work 12 hours or more a day coming out only to play or test my creation which essentially is also a play. This will allow for some people to be lazy and do nothing. Right?

If there is anything needed for us to qualify in the galactic world, it is to change our belief system. That is why our galactic brothers would not interfere or keep the interference to minimal only, because a total interference will not change the belief system completely. It has to be us otherwise we won’t take efforts to keep it and improve it. In other words we have to learn. So they allow us to make mistakes. As my uncle says “You will never learn it until you come to it”

Now, again to start with myself.
There are these families, three, who lives at the back of our subdivision. Every day they go from house to house to collect the garbage, for a minimal fee, and dump it some 100 meters away where the garbage trucks will collect it. They are dirt poor that they have only manage to make carts out of salvage wood and one Wheel from a baby stroller. One time as I am having a walk after dinner I happen to follow behind one of them and saw how difficult it is to balance, in one wheel and push the cart (wood and probably heavier than the load) forward at the same time. So the next time they came to collect our garbage. I let them use my homemade cart. The following days the two groups came to my house and ask to use the cart, first come first serve. I was correct. My cart is a lot easier to use than theirs, and it is also made of scrap metals and 4 baby stroller wheels. Now since they are scrap collectors I asked them to bring me 4 wheels each and I will make them a stroller better than I have for free (expecting no money or anything in return)
Am I doing it for them? No I will be happy every time I see them using my homemade cart. I will be happy knowing that I have made their work a lot easier and it will only take me a day or less to make the two carts. Because I have the tools and the expertise.

Any system that runs on money is a corrupt system.

9th November 2013, 22:54
Go one more step. Teach your neighbors how to build a cart.