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4th October 2010, 10:19
Someone posted a link to PETA about 12 months ago on the old forum which was when I subscribed to their mailing list. I thought it would be worth re-posting on the new one for the benefit of new members.

There are some horrific stories of needless animal abuse and suffering, and just your voice can make a difference. Once you're on their mailing list (click on 'action alerts' on the right hand side of link below) you'll receive an e mail every week with a new action alert. All you have to do is click send, the letter has already been written for you.

Often, within just a few days you'll receive a notice saying that another animal testing facility has been closed due to pressure from PETA members. See their most recent success below.


Please subscribe if you can, some of these stories are heartbreaking. Thank you to the original poster.